DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersA client writes: “Regarding my mom, she is still pretty sick. You did the healing a month ago I believe which indicated an infection. Her inflammation marker, the CRP, as of September 11 was extremely high. My sister actually took her to the ER yesterday and they kept her last night and will be keeping her tonight. They don’t know what is wrong at the moment… Will her hearing ever return? Is this still an infection as last indicated by Creator?” Is she struggling still because of the chronic infections we have been working on, or is there something else going on? What more can we do to help?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago
As you saw intuitively, this is still a work in progress to remove the infectious organisms from her system. As such, she is still showing signs of inflammation in the body and for good reason, because her immune system is being ramped up in various ways. This will create a number of potential alarm bells depending on what is happening at a given point of time when she has testing done. We can reassure you that we see things on a positive trajectory here, but as you know full well, it can take time and it can involve some detoxing symptoms along the way which can appear to be a setback or even a new malady. That is all that is taking place. This simply needs time to run its course and we believe she will get there.