DWQA QuestionsCategory: Spirit MeddlersA client writes: “Well, the last 2.5 months have been dead for me in real estate. I know the market definitely slowed down in general for everyone, but I’m also getting bad news with some of my clients that were using me. Even with a slow market, I still sell generally, but I have had NO business in the last two months and nothing going on now. Even clients that I was working with have sold and bought with another realtor (which I’m shocked by) or are no longer interested, so it makes me think that I may need another clearing. With over 28 years doing this, this has never happened this extreme, and now it is bringing me down again where I need to be positive. I’m sure negative attachments have formed again.” What is the best way we can help her?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

This is, indeed, a new market. As you know, with the current financial picture real estate is in decline because of rising interest rates. This will pressure the entire industry in various ways, to varying degrees, depending on the region. Most areas are taking a hit. There are many reasons people do things, but those sensing a change in energy may be warned away from prior associates. This is an area you have not explored deeply with us, but it is very much a factor on a routine basis. There is an intercommunication and interplay among the spirit meddlers, who conspire with one another. They talk back and forth and make suggestions for how to harm human beings, as a kind of exchange that helps them overall, if not immediately, on a personal basis. So the attached spirits of a person who has dealings with other individuals, may communicate to the spirit attachments in those other individuals, to discourage them from associating with or treating fairly their own host, knowing that any negative emotional experiences will summon forth more life force energy, and that will create an energetic influx. And the negative energy it may well turn into, from the lowered vibration of the host will be especially to their liking. This is an aspect of targeting that is with somewhat less deadly intentions, but highly malevolent nonetheless, because it can be enough, as you know, to push people over the edge, even into suicide when their life gets too unbearable to go on. That is what she is noticing, that for some reason people seem to have turned their back. It is not an over-interpretation, but a consequence of inner spirit communication to punish her because she did pick up attachments, and they are wanting to get more from her, energetically. So a Lightworker Healing Protocol session is just what is needed to remove this malevolent influence, yet again, from her life. As always, we will do our best to keep her safe going forward. But if you ask her to let you know if there are any signs of inner negativity or mistreatment, you can always do a quick check to see her status and that will help nip things in the bud and avoid more missed opportunities.