DWQA QuestionsCategory: CreatorA practitioner asks: “Does Creator have a sense of humor? I kind of felt there was some humor in the John F. Kennedy channeling, which I listened to again recently, and he was really known for that. That said, if Creator is able to feel the lightness of being he/she/they say we should have, effectively, since there are no big problems, why not some humor and even some jokes?”
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

When we reassured you that there are no big problems, that was not meant to be taken as life is too short to be taken seriously so it can all be ignored, and caring about it is a waste of time and energy, and it is better to turn to frivolity and distractions and petty amusements even though people may be dying and suffering severe unrelenting pain, mental anguish, poverty, starvation, horrendous illness, and on and on. We certainly understand your frustration that the world is the way it is and wanting it to be different. We can tell you we appreciate greatly wherever humor arises that is well-intentioned, it has many uses, it is one of the best means of defusing awkward situations and painful moments, because it is a letting go of tension.

When your channel approaches us, however, with a question, we are not tense, we are not upset or concerned, we have no inner emotional anguish we need to release through humor as a way to decompress. That might make us look flat and affectless to someone who uses humor as a safe outlet for anxiety and fear. Those are not emotions we house within us and, as such, we have less need for humor than you do. That does not mean we cannot arrange situations where humor can be applied because we know it will be helpful for you and others in such situations, but that is not the same as us cracking a joke, even though that would be reassuring to perhaps have us come down to your level or do something you can relate to that would be a change of pace, and perhaps a welcome relief from a relentless seriousness you see in the answers we give. That is the primary mechanistic explanation—we are not like you—and this is difficult to explain in detail beyond what we have shared, but we can reassure you it is not that we do not appreciate lightness of being.

Keep in mind that lightness of being, in many respects, is the lack of need for humor. When you are unencumbered and truly free of care, there is no need for jokes because all is in a state of completion and bliss and nothing needs to be released when one is basking in joy. Humor is a way to foster a lightness of being but that is an attribute we already have and, in the same way we do not lead, we cannot supply humor for you that is directing, through influence, how you should feel; we reach out to you in deeper, more indirect ways through healing to help you with such needs rather than manipulate your thinking. So it is simply a question of how do we go about maintaining our half of the partnership with you we want to foster and support? We simply choose to not be a human partner, but a Creator-level one.