DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolA practitioner asks: “In the Lightworker Healing Protocol, in step 9, under installation of healing tools, the request for intervention by guides and guardians is extended to parallel lives. Is there a reason why opening the channel to the higher self and subconscious self is not extended to parallel lives as well? Would this be a good idea?”
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

In a sense, you are seeing a new opportunity here. The reason for the use in step 9, but not in step 10, was the focus of your channel in wanting to obtain healing for the client in the current life seeking assistance. You, therefore, are given tools to ask for repair of those things coming from parts of the being in other timelines that may impinge on the current life as being experienced in the here and now you are familiar with as physical human—that was the priority and continues to be the priority requested by the Protocol. So the healing of others involved with the client in other timeline events influencing their current wellbeing is the objective of the session. That does not restrict you to limiting the healing outreach to only that person in the current life.

In the same way you are reaching out to all of humanity, you can reach out to those aspects of the soul of your client experiencing life in other timelines, simply to help them in the context of those experiences whether or not it might loop back in a meaningful way to influence the current life for the worse and, therefore, become a compelling need for healing. This will extend the reach, power, and benefit of the Protocol and so would be worth doing. Keep in mind that in the way that the soul is vast and can have many parallel experiences, all is interconnected and all matters and the ascension of humanity depends on readiness of the soul first and foremost. Anything that helps do repair and healing, whether it comes from the current human experience, as you see as being the reality, or healing done for parts of the human souls you are helping in other timelines can have every bit as much relevance to the destiny of humanity and would be very worth supporting in this way.