DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious MindA practitioner asks: “Lately, whenever I am performing a Lightworker Healing Protocol session, my hands and arms start to shake. I typically have my hands pressed together in front of my heart. This shaking is sometimes violent and can go on for a good portion of the session. What is causing this?” What can we tell her?
Nicola Staff asked 6 months ago

This is simply a symptom of inner fear. Your deep subconscious has grave reservations about your doing healing for others, even though it is being done through the divine realm. This is a more primitive part of the mind that thinks in a more concrete fashion. Its forte is pattern matching and so it is comparing your current life to other lifetimes where you have been in harm’s way through doing humanitarian work that was forbidden and you were punished grievously for doing so. Your deep subconscious is wanting, simply, to protect you and itself from harm by trying to warn you about taking that path yet again. It is even doing its utmost to control the body in a way that could stop you. That is why there is even a muscular reaction that represents a visible inner conflict about following the conscious will to put the hands in a prayer position and carry out the healing work. The deep subconscious is trying, in effect, to stop you the best way it can.

You can work to allay these fears by making this a client issue for your own healing when you use the Lightworker Healing Protocol. That will enlist the help of the divine realm to work on this issue with greater intention and that will speed up the healing needed to resolve this inner struggle. The other approach that would help to speed things up with healing would be to enlist the help of your channel to do a subconscious channeling session with your deep subconscious to address these symptoms and the origins, and that would bring up memories of specific episodes in other lifetimes that the deep subconscious worries heavily about, to resolve those traumatic events to bring self-healing and change the energetic signature within the akashic records to remove these lifetimes from the radar screen, so to speak, the subconscious worries over.