DWQA QuestionsCategory: Limiting BeliefsHow were the rules of engagement satisfied in the intervention described above? When a departed loved one is credited with a miraculous intervention, it begs the question, “Why doesn’t this happen to save everyone from accidents?”
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This is an excellent question, indeed, and allows a deeper look at the divine realm, its workings, and the rules of engagement, which limit what the divine can do in any given circumstance with respect to the living. You are here in a grand experiment, having been put in charge of your world and your own life journey, with the responsibility for dealing with all that happens, including reckoning with the consequences of errors, poor judgment, or unfortunate accidents that come along and threaten your well-being. We cannot jump in and save you because then we would still be in charge of things and not you. This clearly has consequences, and results in the deaths of many for all sorts of reasons and causes, from physical illness, accidental injury, victimization by criminal activity, or acts of war when things get out of control on a large scale.

We are almost always taking some role in even those circumstances that arise because people are falling down in their duty in some way, and the end result is a tragedy that need not happen but must be allowed if the people involved become powerless and do not reach out to the divine to make up for their shortcomings. This does put a large burden on living humans, first of all, to have belief in us to begin with. We cannot answer a last‑minute prayer out of desperation from a person who does not truly believe in the divine but wants to hedge their bets, so to speak, or who might feel personally undeserving because they have “sinned,” in their mind, and fear God will not help.

Most things that happen of an adverse nature are satisfying the Law of Karma, that brings back around prior difficulties, failures, and obligations to effect a reckoning with whoever caused it, and this will mean something bad will happen in their new life, having reincarnated but then connecting to their old karmic wounds that are still unhealed, and this will make them vulnerable going forward. The Law of Karma is what keeps the universe fair and in a state of balance, eventually, at least. In your realm, karma is held in abeyance for a considerable period following your actions. What this does is give you greater latitude to experiment, to try things out, to be more bold, more daring, take greater risks because you will not be immediately subjected to a backlash. The purpose is to give you greater freedom and see if a better balance can be struck in using that freedom wisely, but all too often people begin to take for granted they can get away with things and they begin to depart more and more from divine alignment. This puts themselves and others around them at greater and greater risk because acts of selfishness may turn into overt criminality, and it can reach an extreme, even resulting in the deaths of others.

Eventually, karma will reckon with all perpetrators, even for a self-inflicted wound, because that is going against your sacred obligation to your soul and its safekeeping. But it might not even be in the current life when that finally takes place, it might be in a subsequent life where you are doing just fine and being happy and successful, and then tragedy will strike. You might have an accident or develop a horrible chronic illness that leaves you impaired, or it might be fatal and shorten your life. If there is a severe karmic obligation needing to be rebalanced, things can get quite serious. So, many times, even if people want a miracle and are desperate and suffering gravely, and reach out to us, even with strong belief in us and in themselves, we must stand aside and honor the Law of Karma in doing its work because it will serve the person in a way that is highest and best, many times to undergo the penalty as a learning experience, a life lesson that will have an impact, and will be the best teacher when there are consequences for one’s actions.

The difficulty humanity faces is that with karma delayed, they don’t see the connection many times between their actions and things that might happen to them long afterwards, or even in another lifetime when they have no idea what they have done in prior lives that could possibly have any connection to the current moment as they experience it. We understand this is a severe challenge of you, but the purpose of it is not to be easy and let people get away with their faults, but to impose conditions that still result in there being a learning curve where over time you will get more and more experience dealing with the consequences of your own actions, and the actions of others, and will gain much wisdom in the art of living, and that is the point of it all, to prepare you to be experts in dealing with adversity, especially when the rules are relaxed somewhat.

This is Creator’s Plan, that the idea of free agency and free will can be expanded throughout the universe. What you do not realize is that your galaxy is unique, in the entire universe, in having these conditions. Everywhere else in the universe, many worlds with intelligent beings like yourselves, are kept on a short leash and do not have the latitude to be independent and creative in ways humans take for granted. That is because it is not yet certain that physical extensions of the soul can be trusted to right the wrongs they do and deal with the rise of evil which has happened previously in such settings. Until beings who are more greatly on their own can avoid that pitfall, the wisdom of the enterprise will remain uncertain, and the possibility of a widening might have to be abandoned, at least without a major retooling in starting everything over with a somewhat different configuration of energies—that would be a tremendous setback that would delay your progress, for possibly billions of years yet, and mean that all that has happened heretofore will not have contributed, in an ultimate way, to making your destiny come true.

This would be most unfortunate. So when bad things happen, we must let you learn your lessons. This is why light beings are constrained from jumping in, as well as your spirit guides, your guardian angels, and so forth, who might be on the scene when tragedy is unfolding but be powerless to take action. There are certainly many times when people could be saved if they had the presence of mind to ask for divine assistance, but sadly, with the spread of the Secular Movement, fewer and fewer people are using prayer at all, and when you are seconds away from death, it is not likely you will have presence of mind to launch an effective prayer quickly enough to turn the tide.