DWQA QuestionsCategory: CreatorA viewer asks: “Can Creator share how and why anything, including consciousness, exists at all in any dimension or universe? Going up to the highest levels of Creators, how did their consciousness come into being and why? It’s difficult to understand that something was always there because we are created beings ourselves as an extension of Creator so how did it all begin with the ultimate Creator? Does the ultimate Creator even know how its consciousness began and from what?”
Nicola Staff asked 6 months ago

This is the ultimate mystery and we would love to share the answer with you but this is not available to us either, so we are all living in a vast majestic enterprise with a mysterious but lofty origin. That is clear from the nature of all that happens, that it is purposeful, it is born of extreme intelligence, but with a forward-looking, benevolent, and positive intention for expansion and addition and optimization in a positive direction. This is only logical given the length of time even for the existence of the current universe, that many amazing and wonderful things have been created. You would appreciate this greatly, if you were privy to knowing all that is in the universe outside your galaxy. There are many wonders, many glorious expressions of loving energy and intelligence in the vastness of possibility manifested via consciousness of many origins and levels of discernment. That this is so is living proof of what we say: “There is a loving purpose behind it all.” So even though we cannot give you understandable specific details about the ultimate act of creation and how that might be possible to happen, you can at least rest assured it was created to serve love, because that is what is still ongoing and we see that in all levels we are privy to observing and in sharing of our energies.

The object lesson of your galaxy, that the interlopers who suppress and subjugate you are nearing their own extinction through their evil ways and choices, is an object lesson that only in moving towards love and with love is continued existence guaranteed. That is an important thing to know and to embrace, and to refer to as a guiding principle in the choices you make in how you live, what you support with your energies and efforts, and what you can wisely refrain from doing.