DWQA QuestionsCategory: CreatorA viewer asks: “We have a local Creator for this universe and there are Creators above it, so did Creator have to go through some sort of ascension to be given the ability to create or was the power and free will given from its Creator immediate and now we are an experiment from our direct Creator to see if free will can be used to attain that same level of consciousness?”
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

We were not subjected to the difficulties you have had to face in serving as the instrument of change and repair for healing the troubled galaxy you inhabit. We have overseen similar cycles in the creation of other universes, essentially previous versions of what is currently unfolding, but that has always been a part of our awareness and activity in the pursuit of perfection, and not truly being out of control or with a great danger of everything coming to a halt through a reversal of fortune in some way that would undo everything energetically. That is why, when we tell you “there are no big problems,” this is literally the case, that we have your back, we have a control of the universe itself and everything within it in an ultimate sense.

You are living in an energy system that is being allowed greater independence and that creates its own operating rules and constraints, as we have discussed with you many times, that it is your role to be in charge and the other sentient beings who are soul-based to manage and learn how to make the most of it. Those who preceded you, unfortunately, have made poor choices, that is why you were brought in as an antidote, as a source of a creative solution to the dilemma, to work as warriors for the light to right the wrongs put in place by the evil of the fallen angelics who have corrupted so many species and worlds. When you are successful in solving that dilemma, yours will be a much more pleasurable and more greatly positive life experience of boundless joys and delights, for the most part. The setbacks will be minimal and only housekeeping details rather than crises and heartbreaking tragedy. There are many wonders and good times ahead if you keep going and take care of your part of the bargain to accomplish the healing needed.