DWQA QuestionsCategory: DisinformationHow can Empowered Prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol truly help with the negativity in our world and bring the dawning of a better future?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

We would say prayer is a good starting point and the Lightworker Healing Protocol is the ultimate expression of using human ingenuity and divine guidance to put into action what you have been given as the two premier tools for solving the problem of negativity, in essence, the problem of evil in your midst, and that envelops you and your likely future unless you can act now to turn things around. Evil has a head start on you. We have helped keep things going to support humanity, to prop you up, to save you from annihilation time and again throughout history. This has been a holding action, not an answer. The forces arrayed against you are dead set on the final annihilation of humanity as a species. There needs to be a greater awakening of people to ask for divine assistance and ask for healing of the interlopers as the highest and best way to turn things around.

Just as with a bully, the evil predators in your midst are the problem. Patching you up and sending you back into the fray, as can be done through direct healing by divine realm or through the assistance of human healers, is again a holding action and not an ultimate solution to the problem. You will just get rewounded and you will still remain vulnerable to a final grand plan of elimination if the extraterrestrials make a decision to launch an annihilation. It may well be too late if that happens, to pray and be saved; few will have enough spiritual standing unless there is a greater return to focus on divine principles and self-development to become comfortable using prayer, let alone an advanced healing tool like the Lightworker Healing Protocol.

We are here to tell you, there is time to get ready, there is time to make up for the neglect of the past and learn how to cultivate belief in us and to use our teachings for Empowered Prayer as a model to follow to greatly increase the power of your prayer requests and to make them much more effective and appropriate for the problems of today as well as tomorrow. The Lightworker Healing Protocol is the ultimate tool because it considers every potential source of negativity that undermines you and your world, as well as the rest of the Milky Way Galaxy having been subjugated by the forces of evil long before humans were even created. You were dropped into this mess to save the day by remaining in divine alignment and being the action arm of the divine within the physical plane, capable of enlisting divine help because the victims in other worlds were not strong enough to stand up to the predatory extraterrestrials so corrupted by dark spirit manipulation they have become loveless sociopaths and, as a consequence, heartless slave masters and savage destroyers of worlds.

The Lightworker Healing Protocol, at your request and implementation, can do the job of raising up the interlopers enough to soften their resolve and withdraw from your world. This will give you breathing room to complete the healing of humanity without the onslaught of continual attacks and degradation. That will, at long last, allow a turning point for humanity to enable a grand ascension that will enable you to leave the physical plane and advance to a higher mode of existence as change agents still, but with an even wider scope of activity. You can continue helping these troubled worlds heal further but do so from a safe vantage point in a higher dimension, and will no longer be vulnerable to their whims and a darkening overtaking things and dragging you down again and losing your awareness of what is truly the origin of the problem.

Your adversaries have manipulated you to make you forget during the course of history, and they cover their tracks quite cleverly to make all problems appear to be human in origin or “natural forces.” In this they are cowards and that means you can defeat them if you come together and enlist divine help. You are braver and you are stronger because you are more in divine alignment and can call on the level of divine love needed to win the day, but you must decide and must make your choice known, and then act on it through using prayer and ideally the Lightworker Healing Protocol in your daily life. This will make you a true warrior of the light in ways that are real and meaningful and not just talk and wishful thinking.