DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlA viewer writes: “Not only did my son lose his contracted job unexpectedly (in the most inhumane way) and has no money, but now he is struggling physically. Last year he was hit by a truck and had a concussion/Traumatic Brain Injury) as well as much pain on his back. Now, it seems the added stress and anxiety of losing the job has exacerbated the symptoms. He is not able to sleep. His gait when walking is unsteady at times. He is nauseous when he tries to eat. Is excessively sensitive to sounds and light. And very depressed. I feel like he is under a full-blown psychic attack. And I am very worried about his brain.” What caused these setbacks and what can we do for him?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago
These are all a product of targeting, and this creates a dilemma because we cannot block such targeting too directly. We must work from behind the scenes incrementally, to get such targeted individuals off the roster, the larger issue being the need to heal the interlopers to ultimately keep such things from ever happening, and that is an even bigger problem. These are not his doing or his fault, he is a victim totally, here in all respects. He is wanting to move forward in doing the right things, as you know, but then the rug is pulled out from beneath him and he meets with great disappointment. It is not only disheartening and discouraging, but destructive to his self-image and inner resolve, potentially. That is the greater risk here, that his discouragement will become a way of life and a permanent feature. This does happen to targeted individuals. All too often, they simply give up. Your son is not there yet, so there is hope for him. The other thing being that your channel and his compatriots are working fervently to combat this overarching manipulation, and if they are successful in getting the interlopers to withdraw, for a time at least, that will allow more rapid healing strides to be made and for healing to proceed much more rapidly, and will make up for lost time. We are not at this turning point yet, but it is not years away but much sooner if this can be achieved. In the meantime, the important thing is to keep healing going for his inner being so things do not worsen too greatly as a consequence of his suffering.