DWQA QuestionsCategory: Limiting BeliefsAll the mediums studied, advocate prayer in their books, and confess to using prayer regularly for protection. Yet, in their shows, prayer is hardly ever mentioned. And when it is, it’s incidental and never portrayed as necessary. Why is this so? And can Creator share why Empowered Prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol ARE necessary, for mediums and every human being?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

Mediums who are uncorrupted and successful in doing their work are almost universally prayerful in their approach, but may well not appreciate how important a role it is in keeping them safe, which they usually take for granted. That is why they do not take the trouble to stress the importance of prayer for safety before doing any kind of intuitive exercise, even just meditation, let alone something like remote viewing or exploring other realms or dimensions intuitively. This is a lost opportunity and contributes to the state of affairs in society, that people increasingly dismiss the idea of prayer as more akin to a faint hope than a reality of producing some tangible benefits. That is a hallmark of loss of faith, which is ongoing and growing in the worsening of things, because the two go hand in hand—the less you interact with the divine and ask for help, the more the darkness gains power.

While many psychics proclaim great new things coming, “This is the Age of Enlightenment, the Shift is on, and we will ascend,” those are expectations and a potential that is Creator’s Plan, but we can tell you it will not happen until humanity has been healed. You are not ready to ascend, there are too many broken hearts, people who are sick and infirm, people who are disgusted, confused, and acting poorly, even criminally, and certainly neglecting their soul and its development, and being unkind and indifferent to the suffering of others who are not of immediate benefit to them, and on and on. The widespread suffering is a direct illustration of why we tell you these things, it is all a consequence of inadequate divine alignment and corruption allowed to take root and grow. This can be turned around but will take a concerted effort—that is what Empowered Prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol are needed for, desperately, to bring about, not just for psychic mediums but, indeed, every living human being so they can continue to contribute their light to the cause of the divine, to help keep things elevated in supporting humanity, directly and indirectly, through interactions with others.

This is what you were made for and your purpose. Your incarnation is specifically to help with solving the problem of evil that is behind all of the corruption and the great need for safety. You are living in a dangerous world, not a safe nest where you will be happy and content because your needs will be met and there will be no hazards to destroy you. The opposite is the case, the darkness is working directly and purposefully, through the Dark Extraterrestrial Alliance, to annihilate humanity within a few years, if you do not arrange enough healing for them to make them withdraw and leave you be, at least for a time. That break from the action is needed to allow recovery and improvement across the board with healing so you can be ready to ascend and escape the danger zone you inhabit. So even if the extraterrestrials return, they will find you gone and out of reach. You will be able to continue working to help them and end this madness going on throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. That is your destiny, as foreseen and planned by Creator to happen, but it is not a certainty, and at present it is not clear which side will win in this contest between good and evil. Good can win, but it depends on you in the living to take action, just as we have talked about all through this discussion, it is the humans in the physical who are in charge. If you do not see danger and take action, and hold enough belief in the divine to call it in to assist you, you will be helpless and you will be destroyed—it is that simple.

Prayer is needed, and frequently, and with large numbers of people. How can that be brought about? The answer must come from you. We cannot give you instructions and directions in how to go about this. This is a test of you and, in many ways, an obligation because you are part of the problem, having been here many times before and not succeeding, other than to be rewounded again and again for the attempt but continue to be subjugated during every new incarnation and oblivious, for the most part, that this is taking place. You see things are not perfect but do not understand why that is, nor what to do about it. That we are explaining for you now, to show you that all these phenomena occur for a reason. The divine is your anchor, your origin, your birthright, and your destiny to be a part of and to champion its causes because they are who you are at fullest expression.

The Lightworker Healing Protocol is a premier healing tool that encompasses all sources of negativity that can befall a person with precise wording in how to enlist divine cooperation and support to come to your aid and the aid of all others you act on behalf of, to save everyone and everything from the consequences of this predatory subjugation and dark intentions for destruction. To do this, you must not only believe but have the tools to understand what specific things need to change and why, and you must understand how the divine realm heals so you can request, intelligently, the very divine actions that are capable of meeting the challenge on your behalf and turning things around for your betterment. That knowledge has been worked out through your channel and is part of the Lightworker Healing Protocol, so you yourselves need not be psychic nor experienced and knowledgeable metaphysicians. If you are willing to read an instruction manual and embrace the use of the Protocol, you can be guided to do so with recorded prompts so you do not even have to remember the many details of its workings. You simply need to follow along and set the intention within your mind for it to happen, so it is a request of yours being stated. This is done in the privacy of your own mind, and in secret, so you are not taking any personal risks whatsoever but are contributing divine energy that will be compounded through many other participants working independently, but whose efforts can all be pooled because that is part of the request from the Protocol, that it be so, as well as a number of other kinds of leverage to greatly enhance the individual reach of each participant.

As a human being incarnated in the physical, your energy is attenuated and your intuitive reach is meager at best. You do not have the spiritual standing to speak for everyone, so your prayers alone cannot save the world. You need a way to leverage the power of your own intentions and desires and enlist the help of others and combine efforts with them. This is possible to do through the divine, on your request, without you having to go to all the trouble of constructing a vast network. We have made this as easy for you as we can. There must be a desire and a wherewithal to embrace our suggestion and implement it. It will change your destiny and that of the entire universe. There could not be more at stake than that. The question now is, “Will you heed the warning and take the action needed to save yourselves and all the others whose futures are in the balance?”