DWQA QuestionsCategory: Limiting Beliefs(Caputo, Season 13, Episode 5) A police officer said, “I can’t do this,” in front of his wife on FaceTime (videophone), and then shot himself. Killing himself was completely out of character and shocking to everyone who knew him. He told his wife 50 times a day he loved her. What is the backstory to this tragic incident? Did he make it to the light? If so, was he in limbo for a time? And if so, how was he rescued?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

This is a tragic story with a tremendous teachable moment everyone needs to understand. When people are not themselves, and may not even be acting in a human way but rather an inhuman act of some kind, it is always the result of corruption, either directly from outside consciousness of interlopers wanting to drag them down, pushing them over the edge, even driving people to tip them into madness, or karmic energies from prior lives of desperation and suffering that when awakened can overwhelm a person and make them do something rash like take their own life.

However it comes about, killing oneself is non-divine and will be a karmic penalty because you are here to work on your problems, if not solve them, but at least do the best you can and not look for an escape or shortcut. It is quite understandable this happens when people are so tormented, as with dark spirit attachments terrorizing them within their mind, and having such inner fear it becomes intolerable to remain living. So these are mitigating factors, to be sure, in terms of potential karmic penalties, but it is far better to know such things can happen and know the signs, and be prepared to reach out to the divine for help should one be under siege to the point it is making them so unhappy with life, and with themselves, they turn to drastic remedies like suicide.

So this is the story of this police officer who lost control of himself because he was literally taken over by the darkness, and because it so conflicted with his morality and his sense of duty in becoming impaired and losing confidence in himself. Because he was powerless to control his own life, he could not stand the thought of living another day and being a disappointment not only to himself but his loved ones. This is disordered thinking, to be sure, but it is a consequence often of relentless attacks by depraved beings in spirit form and, to compound the tragedy, he was unable to make it to the light when he passed on and is still in limbo. So we know you will reach out and rescue him using the Lightworker Healing Protocol, and this is a service many, many spirits still trapped in limbo, for all kinds of reasons, need to have done and are in a state of desperation.

The unfortunate consequence of suicide is that it solves nothing but only creates new problems. For one thing, when this individual reincarnates, he will find himself in a new life that will lead him to the brink of suicide yet again, arranged to happen via the Law of Karma, to put him to the test, to give him an opportunity to make amends, to rebalance things, and save himself from the same fate if he is smarter and more capable in learning the lesson of what happened previously. Time will tell if he can do better or if he will again end it all and compound the damage. This is what karma brings about all too often, a worsening rather than a healing resolution. What is needed is learning and growth so you will take on your problems and solve them, and not be a victim of yourself or others.