DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human CorruptionAnother false belief of many corrupted souls is that they are already damned and irredeemable. They appear to honestly believe they have no future, or a desirable future in any sense, so their motto seems to become “eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.” They seem to believe that one can only become damned once, and having crossed that threshold, they have nothing more to lose, and may find it oddly liberating. Can Creator comment on whether this is not only wrong, but a tragically foolhardy notion?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

You are not exaggerating the potential consequences of this line of thinking. It is a quite devastating course to follow, that when you have fallen behind you surrender to the circumstance of falling short and stop trying. This, indeed, condemns you to a worsened condition over time. Life is not meant to be easy when in the physical. It requires constant care and feeding and an input of personal energy and resolve in order to get somewhere, or even to maintain the status quo. There is a higher purpose in the challenge, it is a seasoning and a strengthening that it instills of necessity that teaches about many soul attributes and consequences. There are many virtues displayed that go into becoming strong, independent, and successful in taking charge of one’s life, making things happen, and bringing about successful advancement in terms of personal learning and growth and avoiding many pitfalls that are there to waylay you and draw you into dead ends and possible destruction.

There are many ways people become corrupted, and this requires great vigilance as well as a keen awareness of the possibilities so one can be at the ready and have one’s guard up. This alone will avoid many pitfalls because you will have a state of vigilance to see when risks appear that could start you on a downward path, and if you can sidestep those pitfalls life becomes, if not effortless, much less exhausting because you will not spend so much time scrambling to recover from a misstep that has set you back significantly in your progress. The art of living is in learning to overcome mistakes, and to develop not only smarter thinking but higher awareness of what it feels like to be in divine alignment, and enjoy the rewards it will bring in making your life enjoyable and rewarding, less stressful, as well as being successful without monumental effort and taking inordinate risks to achieve it.