DWQA QuestionsCategory: MetaphysicsAre there other things about kundalini energy it would be helpful to know?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

Having a steady flow of life force energy commensurate with ongoing demand, which will be a variable dependent on what is currently underway in being experienced in the moment, conveys a sense of vitality, a zest for life, resiliency, and a kind of glowing state of well-being. In a normal state of energy flow, people will feel like they are at the top of their game, in most cases, and ready for anything, as it will bring inner peace, an overall balance that is reassuring and bolsters self-confidence. Emotional turbulence, particularly when self-directed in a negative way, can impede the inner balance of life force energy and disrupt its delivery to where it is most needed. The same thing happens when there is another consciousness present within the energy fields, as through spirit possession or an interdimensional intruder that is poking about. When the chakras are commandeered by spirit attachments, they will be draining energy away for themselves and may work to impair the flow to their host purposefully, to cause trouble. This will often be done in spurts because the disruption will cause the host to send out a call for help and the higher self will answer by ramping up the flow of life force energy to them as a compensation to help restore things. So, in effect, the purposeful degradation gets rewarded by the divine realm to help the host keep going and prevail, even when under challenge. So in the near term, their strategy of manipulation and perturbation on the part of the spirits will pay off. There are many states of dysregulation with so much going on in the average person, who will more than likely have spirit attachments on all the major chakras and sometimes additional ones as well. This is a serious healing need to be addressed, and is a routine blessing of the Lightworker Healing Protocol to see to a reopening, rebalancing, and adjustment of the chakras to optimize the energetic state of the recipient.