DWQA QuestionsCategory: MetaphysicsA viewer asks questions about a video he saw: “The video compares Kundalini Awakening to demonic possession and that they look the same. They mention how the Satanists talk about kundalini serpent energy quite a bit. How are these related?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is an incomplete understanding of the energetic consequences of spirit attachment and spirit perturbation. It is the imbalance and defective functioning of the chakra system as a consequence of spirit possession that causes people to have many kinds of inner turmoil and energetic disturbances that must be compensated for by calling in extra energy. This is a routine pattern because all of these parasitic spirit meddlers must have human life force energy for their own survival and will do anything they can to the host to get more of it. Satanic ritual practices are originated by the spirit meddler cohort impinging on humans and triggering karmic reawakening of past experiences engaged in dark practices of this kind, because they are a well-established and successful strategy for the manipulation of humanity that favors the spirit meddler community in getting what they most want, while impeding human welfare. This satisfies their dark needs, doubly, by gaining something for themselves while causing their human hosts to suffer. So that is why the idea of Satanic worship and ritual abuse have an energetic goal in mind that is associated with the spirit realm. They are the instigators and the promoters of all sorts of dark practices that invoke energy production through ramping up dark emotions and encouraging depravity on the part of humans. It is those dark energies that are most craved by the spirit meddlers. There is a vicious circle created by spirit perturbation that increases likelihood it will worsen, and any harm caused by a possessed person to an innocent human victim will make them more vulnerable to spirit possession as well, so the problem grows through these appetites being served and exercised further.