DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolAs an adjunct to the divine healing work, would our current Lightworker Healing Protocol be improved by adding a request to have Creator impulse the deep subconscious of each client to look at certain things in the akashic record of greatest importance to resolving the specific client issues made known to us prior to the session, or does that enhancement only apply to human conducted sessions as done with Holographic Memory Resolution?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

In actuality, requesting this does not have the same impact in the same way as human conducted sessions will benefit. The reason is, the divine realm goes about the healing in a quite different fashion and does not require the deep subconscious to participate in the exercise in the same way. When you do a session with the deep subconscious, you can capitalize on the ability of the deep subconscious to see the akashic record and make a linkup to something suggested by divine realm through its broader awareness to bring into focus, and that becomes the next order of business to resolve and thereby speed the identification and focus on the most important prior trauma events underlying the issues at hand. When we are assisting healing directly, we see what is in the akashic records just fine and then can present things and work on them without needing to be prompted to do so. It is sufficient to ask what you are asking and that will be all that is needed here.