DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersAs Lucifer was a veteran of earlier universes, he must surely have witnessed a similar “fall from grace” and descent into depravity. Did he think he was immune, that it could never happen to him? And that no amount of warnings could change that self-perception, as evidenced by this earlier channeling of Creator: “This led to the misapplication of power and inner corruption of his thinking and worsened over time despite hints and warnings he was taking liberties that were inadvisable but proceeded anyway. This led to his downfall.” We are reminded of teenagers, in particular, who ignore their parent’s advice, and then promptly go out and get themselves in grave trouble. Are we on the right track in trying to understand what happened and why?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

You are close to the truth of things here in this description, along with our reminder of the operating constraints imposed by the grand experiment of Free Agency and Free Will, applying throughout your restricted Milky Way Galaxy as a proving ground. So again, this meant it was up to him, primarily, to see the dangers and the warnings. We hinted but could not impose with marching orders, to take a prescribed corrective action that would get him back on track, any more than we can intrude in your life to admonish you and tell you what to do to right your ship, so to speak. Free agency and free will are just that, so we could not lead him in the same way we cannot lead humans to make choices we would prefer, or perhaps even know will be much more productive and better, in the end, for the individual involved.

So Lucifer’s failings were his own and came as a consequence of his choices, and not ours, to act or not act in any particular way at any particular time. We reach out to him with inspiration and guidance in the same way we do for everyone. Not all will hear us, not all will listen, and that is a function of belief and level of corruption that might have accumulated, but without enough insight to recognize something is amiss and a decision to reach out to us for assistance, we will largely be powerless to render assistance other than indirectly, and that might well not be enough when people are so far out of alignment they cannot find a way back.