DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersFlash floods are dangerous, and one should never stand in running water that’s rising. At some point, you will have waited too long to escape, and once that point is passed, you will be carried away against your own will, no longer possessing any ability to rescue yourself. You will now need the intercession of others. Can Creator share how Empowered Prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol enable us humans to intercede, and even potentially rescue Lucifer and the fallen angelics, and that it is up to us, and not just Creator and the divine realm?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

Our fervent hope for this exchange is for all who listen to these words to hear the take‑home message that what happened to Lucifer can happen to anyone, any soul-based being, because all, within the Milky Way Galaxy at least, are gifted with the blessings of free will and free agency to extend their reach, extend their power and authority, if only over their own experience and soul journey, with our blessing and hope they will use it wisely to achieve greater heights than ever before. Many are in the process of failing the test of them because of the corruption that has befallen them at the hands of interlopers darkening their world, as has started elsewhere and spread through the galaxy, reaching all the physical extraterrestrials involved with the earth plane, who are conspiring to annihilate humanity in the near future.

So the experiment is still running and very much will depend on all you do or do not do. The choices remain yours. The angelics who remain uncorrupted are watching over and protecting you as best they can, but can only do so, as is true for us, if you let us, if you seek our assistance, and must believe in us and believe in yourselves, as worthy of divine intervention, for that to be an option. This leaves the greatest burden imaginable on those who still are in divine alignment and capable of calling forth a divine intervention to help those in need, and those in greatest peril are the interlopers themselves, especially the fallen angelics, Lucifer included, who are the furthest gone in reaching the depths of depravity after eons of being cut off from the divine through their own poor choices. The only possibility of a reconnection is through you acting as a bridge and spokesperson, acting on their behalf to reach out and request our help to raise them up yet again, in a further attempt to help them get back on track and work towards once again becoming in divine alignment and being raised up in the doing. This is not only a daunting task, from your perspective, but makes you responsible for the outcome—that is falling to you because you, in fact, were chosen for the assignment and agreed to it at the outset.

You were all created to solve the problem of evil and have suffered greatly in the attempt, but never having truly the tools to work with until now, the divine wisdom imparted through the work of your channel, to better define how to empower prayer to make a divine outreach effective in getting help truly needed; and especially the Lightworker Healing Protocol, as the most empowered tool of all ever available in history, to right the wrongs of the evildoers throughout the ages, through a vast program of healing, reaching out to any and all throughout the galaxy, especially the perpetrators causing the fall from grace, and all who have been lowered grievously to the point where they are almost completely disconnected from the divine as functional psychopaths. The extraterrestrial beings are at risk of their own demise and loss of their souls altogether through recycling, when they will be no more. Their only hope is if you decide to save them and, as fate would have it, doing so is the only way you can survive because you are being lined up for annihilation before the consequences of their depravity will catch up to them, so saving them is the only way you can save yourselves.

We have given you the tools to work with, but you must use them, you must awaken others also, to add their intentions to yours, to provide enough human spiritual capital for the task at hand. That will be magnified and amplified greatly using the leveraging within the Empowered Prayers we have given you, and the quite powerful Lightworker Healing Protocol with its many types of leveraging built in, but it requires human intention to put it in motion, and that is why we are giving you this call to action in no uncertain terms. It is time to choose, “Do you wish to take action and save yourselves, or indulge complacency, leave the task to others, and suffer the inevitable consequences of defeat?” We await your choice.