DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerAs recounted on DocumentedHealings.com, a woman was hit by a drunk driver in 1987 and became paralyzed from the waist down. She remained paralyzed and wheelchair-bound for the next 23 years. She then attended a church with a reputation for healing, and during the service, both she and the pastor prayed fervently along with the congregation for her healing. Within a couple of minutes, she was able to stand up and has been free from paralysis ever since. Is this story true, because many skeptics assert that these so-called healings are fake? What is the backstory to this healing?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

This story is accurate and true in all particulars as are most such accounts. It is the high level of skepticism and doubt among the general population that gives rise to the naysayers having a platform at all. It is often just sour grapes from people who are disappointed in their lives and resent others seeming to have some mysterious advantage unavailable to them, and they delight in taking away the joy of someone else’s miracle in trying to poke holes in the story. This was an example of having quite a long time needed for a divine intervention sufficient to turn the corner and overcome the symptoms created by this person’s misfortune. The reason for the accident in the first place was karmic, so the Law of Karma was seeking a way to give her the lesson of having a physical restriction as a consequence of her errors as a karmic repayment for something she had done to others in another lifetime. That is why she suffered for 23 years with no relief, it was because the Law of Karma demanded this circumstance be experienced and the divine was reassured by the higher self of the appropriateness of this life lesson.

So only towards the end of that span of time was enough healing possible to begin turning things around and after those many years of failure at achieving any healing progress, she was impulsed to attend this church and surrender to their ministrations. They were impulsed, in turn, to have her come forward and to do healing prayers on her behalf, and this completed the cycle of restitution for the karmic missteps in having someone from the human side request a finalization of things to restore her ability to walk, and that was granted and she was made whole. So all had a hand in this but it was the woman’s own being, especially the higher self, governing the timing here in obtaining divine assistance.