DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerAs recounted on DocumentedHealings.com, after a tragic accident, a 23-year-old woman spent more than two months in a coma with a sheared brain and a long list of broken bones and damaged organs. Her mother and father and extended family prayed for her incessantly. Doctors had all but given up and determined that the woman was in a permanent vegetative state. When her parents attempted to move her to a new hospital the ambulance caught fire. A strange man gave them instructions for what to do next and then disappeared. Days later, when the girl finally woke up, the doctors did brain scans and found what they expected, severe brain damage. Yet the young woman not only quickly recovered full functionality in every respect, but she was also actually smarter, with a higher IQ than before the accident. Can Creator share how this seeming impossibility, how a woman can have all the signs of severe brain damage yet have no functional deficits, and in fact, experience an upgrade in intellect, can actually happen? And was the man who gave instructions while the ambulance burned and then mysteriously vanished, an angel?
Nicola Staff asked 9 months ago

This, indeed, is a story of divine intervention in a quite dramatic fashion to help someone who otherwise would be permanently impaired because of multiple injuries causing much seemingly irreversible damage. It is well-known and established by medical science that nerves and brain tissue are slow to heal and may well never recover from serious injury, yet that is what happened here, as documented with all the diagnostic assessments. The individual who gave the instructions on the scene of the ambulance event was indeed an angel who was tasked with imparting the message on her behalf so that it would keep things running smoothly. This was done in answer to prayers that were launched and finally brought to a culmination in restoring her not only fully, but with an extra measure of capability compared to her prior self. That is owing to the fact that she had had prior misfortunes that impaired her, and that karmic energy had already manifested as a lowering of her intellectual performance. It just so happened that this was a “lucky accident” in triggering a great desire expressed through prayer to restore her mental function and this was done by the divine realm in a more complete fashion than solely being confined to the consequences of the accident in question. There was enough prayer power to extend the divine intervention further, to reach into other karmic trauma that was limiting her brain function and set that right as well. The combined benefits were able to restore her to a higher level of functioning than ever before in her lifetime.

So this story is an interesting example of the workings of karma, that often things are a composite consequence of many times and places of misfortune, setback, pain, and suffering. And while this individual was able to benefit in a timely fashion from the prayers on her behalf, many are not so fortunate as the prayers can take many years to bring about a benefit because the karmic complications are so complex, multilayered, and deeply interwoven with the lives of so many others, that it is a monumental operation to disentangle all of the karmic threads from all the players. While not impossible, this explains the lengthy time often required for divine healing, but we can tell you emphatically that prayer is never wasted. Even healing that is incomplete and may, in fact, leave all the prior symptoms in place may still accomplish a good deal of repair with respect to karmic obligations and if that does not benefit the current life visibly, will almost certainly benefit future lives, because the prayer recipient will have an easier time and more likely be happy and healthy from the healing having been done for the current life.