DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaAssuming the Rules of Karma apply to those carrying out a sacrificial mission life just as much as anyone, if we as humans wish to thank and honor such individuals for their sacrifice, could we do so with the Lightworker Healing Protocol? Does a deep feeling of gratitude for the target enhance the power of the Protocol?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

Both of these things are true. The best way to help someone who has a karmic penalty, and all in actuality have a huge karmic backlog whether their lives are struggling or they seem to be blessed with a life of ease and leisure and good fortune, those are situational circumstances but belie the truth of the individual histories. We can assure you there are many, many hidden wounds that will have to be reckoned with as well as damage done to others along the way through ignorance or recklessness, so anything that can be done to assist others to lighten their load is a tremendous blessing. The very best way to do that is to do a Lightworker Healing Protocol session for that individual because it will go to work on their karmic backlog, and it will continue to work unceasingly on their behalf to peel away the layers of karmic obligation and wounding and restore the person eventually to a more balanced state of being, so to do so is a tremendous act of loving kindness.

Whenever doing healing, holding a feeling of loving kindness within is the most powerful way to ensure it will be acted on with the greatest zeal and level of effectiveness by the divine realm. The divine always follows the human intention. When the motive is mixed and perhaps a token effort, maybe even done grudgingly, or only for appearance in some cases of offering charity, this detracts from the karmic blessings that otherwise would be earned because the true intention, in the final analysis, is more a selfish one than an act of loving kindness. On the other hand, giving a gift of healing for someone who you care about deeply imbues the effort with the intention of that loving kindness you are feeling in the moment, and that will give the greatest power and likelihood of success to the work, and is a good example of all that we have been talking about heretofore, that love will triumph over evil and loving kindness trumps hostility and hatred in terms of its power to change things.