DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaIn the James Bond novels and films, the villains are almost always “larger than life” and appear more like aliens than humans in terms of intelligence, access to advanced technology, and even especially their evil depravity. This seems like a genuine “nod” to the real-life Extraterrestrial Alliance as our REAL larger than life enemies. Is there a divinely inspired hint in the creation of these villains?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

This is a clear divine impulsed level of intelligence and insight specifically to be a warning for humanity to be critical and wary of the superrich and any source of power that acts in secret, particularly. The world is, in reality, run by the Extraterrestrial Alliance, a group of beings from other worlds that do not belong here but want the Earth for themselves and are pressuring humanity on a constant basis, causing all manner of difficulties.

So this, indeed, is hinted at in the plots of these works of fiction where the Bond character takes on a seat of power almost unilaterally. While this could be seen as a fairy tale, wildly improbable that a single-handed endeavor could have such overwhelming benefits and power, there was a dual purpose for this dichotomy—it was to not only show a nice tale about winning against overwhelming odds which is always a heroic theme, but to highlight the dilemma of humanity in being a relative weakling of diminished power and capability up against an opponent of wealth and power possessed of cunning and heartless savagery. This in fact is reality because these forces allied against humanity are just that, they are sociopaths and hugely corrupted. The other layer here that is depicted in the characterization of these uber villains is that amongst humanity you have a class of beings that are an alien bloodline, and these include many of the wealthiest individuals who indeed are involved in enterprises that undermine humanity in many, many ways even while enriching themselves personally. So this is an especially appropriate and dire warning given about what humanity is up against, and also why it resonates as strongly as it does, given that the life of James Bond is quite esoteric and in reality one that not many would truly want to have, given the dangers and the lifestyle of always roaming about with no roots and no lasting love relationships, and so on.