DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine RealmBrian needed to see his chiropractor as his hip was again out of alignment. Brian likes to lighten people’s day with little humorous one-liners that rarely fail in eliciting a smile. As he was going into the office, he thought he would say, “Boy doctor, am I glad you’re here! I was afraid you might be in Maui!” The doctor smiled, with a look of surprise on his face, and said, “That’s so funny, I’m actually supposed to be in Maui right now!” He then went on for fifteen minutes telling a tortured tale of how a woman, who invited him and his wife, died days before they were supposed to go, and how the whole thing unraveled as a result. This was clearly a story he needed to “vent out” and when he was finally done, he thanked Brian rather profusely for listening so attentively. Was Brian’s thought of mentioning Maui arranged by a member of the doctor’s God Squad communicating that thought to Brian, in order to give the doctor a much-needed audience? Does his deceased friend need a Spirit Rescue? What can Creator tell us?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

This indeed was a divine orchestration from first to last, and you are seeing intuitively the truth of this and why you, too, were struck by the sequence of events as perhaps being more than a random coincidence. In actuality, what happened was it was not simply that the Maui trip that fell through was weighing on the doctor’s mind, but the reality behind his concern was the passing of someone he cared about, and that individual was actually struggling as an earthbound spirit, having passed recently but not being able to return successfully to the heavenly realm. Knowing your ability to arrange Spirit Rescues for earthbound spirits, the divine realm used this opportunity, with Creator’s permission, for the doctor’s higher self to request of your higher self that you be impulsed with this suggestion to make that reference to Maui, and also the doctor was impulsed by Creator to bring up his story when he could have just as easily let that remark pass, perhaps noted but not commented on at length to draw you into the discussion and the awareness of that tragic event. This was to ensure you got the message, there was someone who passed away who your doctor valued, and to make the link based on your knowledge of the afterlife.

There is always a good chance the person is struggling because fully a third of people who pass away cannot make it back to the light without assistance, and that assistance must be requested by someone in the physical plane before the divine realm can act. Even after you die, you are still in charge of your so-called “life” and if you lack the wherewithal to ask for God to come and help you, we have to stand aside and let you struggle. That might sound harsh, but our agreement with you, to let you be in charge, is absolute and we cannot make exceptions. So someone knowledgeable about this possibility of this individual being stuck in limbo needed to reach your ears, so this is the true backstory of how this all unfolded and who played a role and, as we said before, the higher self is a key player in the chain of command, so to speak, in following the rules of engagement between the human realm and the divine one, going in both directions.