DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine RealmConcetta Bertoldi wrote, “I talk to my God Squad all the time. If I’m going to do something important that I have some concerns about, I might ask them to be with me, and just by asking, I know they will be there.” We have learned, however, that if talking to our God Squad is all we do, then we can only receive what they can provide in terms of their own energetic reach. If one’s time is limited, would it be more efficacious to talk to Creator first, and then include our God Squad if it satisfies a personal need for connectedness to those they love in the light? Are we correct in surmising that, in many cases, Creator will delegate to our God Squad anyway? In other words, is it more important to partner with Creator than with our God Squad? What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

We teach the lesson again and again that people are settling for less when they do not reach out to the Almighty, always, with a request, to at least be a part of what might happen, and have authority, because it is being requested, to act on a person’s behalf if a very high-level source of assistance turns out to be essential to bring about the desired response. Because you are in charge of your life and your part of the world and all that happens, the divine cannot act unilaterally without some input from you requesting something to happen for your benefit. If there are requests in the form of prayer, for example, to be kept safe, the guardian angels will have that extra capability to intervene if you put yourself in harm’s way unwittingly.

But there are many circumstances, especially when it comes to your deep past history, holding many landmines that can be unearthed and cause problems. Things like chronic illness, emotional problems, career failures, marital discord and breakup, and on and on, that need very deep and complex divine healing to minimize their negative impact. If you ask a spirit guide to take on your healing needs, that will greatly limit the range of possibilities, so it is better to go to God first, and then include permission for any and all who are the best resource to come to your aid as things develop and assistance is warranted. That gives you the best of both worlds and the greatest flexibility for Creator to orchestrate a plan for you that not only attends to an immediate need but can orchestrate even lifelong goals and achievements to come about, where things are arranged to amplify your effectiveness and increase the number of favorable opportunities that come your way, you can exploit to best advantage. Without divine assistance in the form of inspiration, guidance, healing, and protection, you are naked and alone and your life will suffer as a consequence.