DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaCan Creator share how prayer work and the Lightworker Healing Protocol can both reduce and eventually eliminate the need for spies altogether, and heal those who have both overindulged and/or accepted problematic consequences as a price of service to humanity and the Divine Human Project?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

Unfortunately, none can feel safe if listening to this with the assumption they have never been a secret agent to their knowledge. All of life consists of moral choices and consequences and people regularly break rules, overstep boundaries, underutilize their abilities, compromise themselves through acts of selfishness and exploitation, if only in small ways, and on and on, so no one is truly off the hook when it comes to karma. What this means is everyone’s life is in part very much a healing journey; many never reach the goal of doing any kind of cleanup or catch-up for prior karmic wounding but only add more—this just increases the urgency and size of the backlog.

In order to truly advance and win the day and help save and heal humanity in a meaningful way, there needs to be a means to accomplish the task at hand. What is needed is healing, not an even bigger war with more secret agents deployed to tune into the enemy and learn their secrets in advance to parry their moves. The Lightworker Healing Protocol is the perfect instrument for this because it addresses all sources of negativity, including the keep karmic interplay that creates liabilities and obligations that will demand a rebalancing via the Law of Karma and represent a looming obstacle, at least to immediate progress if not an ultimate block on the possibility of significant advancement. There is much to do; the more people apply themselves diligently to using the Lightworker Healing Protocol and prayer as well as an adjunct, the faster they will heal themselves and others they have interacted with through time. This is needed on a massive scale to right the wrongs of history and strengthen humanity for all that lies ahead.

An even more serious and high priority is healing the interlopers who oppose humanity and have hindered you at every turn through all of history. That opposition continues largely unabated; it is being held somewhat in check by the divine realm to give humans a chance at victory, but more humans need to be awakened to this reality and join in the effort; it requires a tremendous human outreach and human intention for betterment to enable the divine to work fully on your behalf. If only scattered individuals see the light and make such requests, it will not be enough total energy to outweigh the huge dark forces arrayed against you—the energies are simply not there at present. There is much we can do and much we have done to keep you going, but that is not the same as prevailing, driving out the interlopers so they will leave to regroup and give you a breather during which you can complete your healing and undergo a glorious ascension and be freed of this obstacle and risk for all of time. You will then be in a position to be untouchable and can reach out to help them from a loftier perch, and not risk being their dinner or their plaything, to be tortured and perhaps killed for their amusement—that is not a way to live, that is a way to die.

We are offering you something better, it is not only in your interest to listen, it is a fork in the road that will stand for all of time to define your soul journey and the progress of your soul: “Are you willing to partner with the Almighty in the grandest righting of wrongs in the history of the universe or are you afraid or indifferent or unbelieving?” All we are asking of you is to say “yes” in the privacy of your own mind and apply yourself to making healing requests similarly that cannot be observed or interfered with and counted against you even by an enemy—that is not too much to ask or expect in exchange for greatness that will come from your achieving victory—it is a choice well worth taking, and we await your answer.