DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaIt seems the soul characteristics that make a good and highly skilled spy could all too easily be hijacked or co-opted by the darkness, to drag such souls down further towards depravity and separation from the divine. Was this, too, a divinely orchestrated inspiration for the character of James Bond, as an object lesson and warning for those drawn to this kind of life?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

While not intended to be primarily a moral lesson, there were nonetheless many clear illustrations of the pitfalls in relying on spycraft as a way of life, both in terms of the larger enterprise the spies are working for as well as their individual endeavors and the consequences that ensue, the life is always one of subsuming one’s personal destiny to a larger base of power and influence like a nation-state and as is true of all warriors, one is making a pact, often with an oath given, to work for that greater body even at the expense of one’s own life—that is noble on one level even though morally questionable if wrongdoing will be involved, especially the taking of lives. So there are consequences and trade-offs in making decisions to pursue such an endeavor, and often this will not be thought about deeply. Most people drawn to such endeavors will not be the faint of heart, the gentle soul, the highly spiritual and compassionate individual, but one more calculating who can keep their emotions fully in check as needed and handle a high level of stress through having a poise and inner confidence that helps them maintain an innocent and unconcerned demeanor and blend into the background.

This reflects the reality more so than the dynamic, charismatic figure of the James Bond character, who enraptures females and wins over males along the way similarly, with his exploits, having a commanding presence and all the trappings of superiority and their persuasive power. In most instances, the secret agent most effective is someone who is hardly noticed, will not stand out, has average appearance, habits, and demeanor, and is more likely to keep to themselves than be outgoing and engaging, because that risks too great a scrutiny when every exchange, even a casual conversation, might be an opportunity to make a slip of the tongue and arouse suspicion. But after all, what we are discussing here is fiction in the character of James Bond, but there have been some characters much like him among the rich and famous who are quite well known and active in the social swirl, and so on, and it worked well in those instances because they would be naturally above suspicion with their persona and lifestyle so on display, so there are always exceptions to the rules about anything.