DWQA QuestionsCategory: Limiting BeliefsCan Creator share how prayer work and the Lightworker Healing Protocol can help us overcome the hazards of anger and hatred?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

When one is darkened by dark thoughts, harboring inner anger, resentment, or grudges, that negativity representing a diminishment or absence of love can only be healed through reacquiring love in some way to refill the void that was created by that departure from divine alignment. That is what healing consists of, it is the application of divine love to right the wrongs in a person’s experience that leave them perturbed, diminished, filled with doubts, fearful, angry, humiliated, shamed, and so on. All of the states of emotional diminishment through despair in some form or reaching a limit of tolerance and erupting into anger to go on the attack, are a slippery slope, and taken to excess may well cause harm that may be irreparable. Because dark feelings directed at others are harmful to them but harm the originator as well, there is a double penalty from holding anger beyond the point it is useful in some way as a motivation or a defense to warn away an opponent during a confrontation.

What causes harm incurs a penalty, and that penalty will be assigned to the originator of the harmful energy. Regardless of the reason it arises and is expressed, one needs divine help to deal with such things. Much of the harm is unseen and will only be experienced later, and rarely is appreciated as to its origin and the personal responsibility inherent in its self-creation when returned as a karmic obligation or penalty, perhaps even in a subsequent lifetime. All such things can receive divine healing and be healed outright through divine grace or a long-term healing program started to heal things bit by bit, and this may be the only feasible way to deal with large problems that have been set in motion involving many individuals and many, many encounters with sources of influence causing negativity and damage. Because people have had many, many lifetimes on average, there is a huge backlog of unhealed karmic business needing attention. This is a compelling reason to request divine assistance—you are helpless without it.

People accumulate more karmic baggage than they heal during the course of their life because so little awareness exists about the need for healing and how to do it effectively. Prayer, especially done in a way to empower the prayer, as we have taught you, is one way people can take action by themselves to help the self and others. Most prayers are relatively weak in effectiveness through ignorance in how best to go about it. And being ignorant, as most people are, as to the reasons why they face difficulty in their lives, they will not perceive the true origins and their role in it and will not know what to pray for other than very vague general cries for help. This leaves the divine with little to work with because humans are in charge and if they give imprecise and incomplete instructions, there will be only a limited divine response possible. That is the harsh lesson of the physical existence you signed on to undergo and assist with, and that is why the enlightenment that comes from divine teachings and wisdom, imparted through your channel, is making a huge difference in the world as we speak. Because those who use the Lightworker Healing Protocol are employing divine wisdom through understanding all the sources of negativity that give rise to human difficulties, and a series of requests to the divine for the very resources the divine realm uses for healing to be employed in the highest and best and most powerful way to work not only on the individual being prayed for, in effect, but all of their influencers who have contributed to the negativity they are experiencing, whether it is emotional burdens, a physical illness, or harmful conduct like an addiction that is threatening their health and longevity, or bad conduct and treatment of others because they are out of control and putting themselves and others in danger.

Regardless of the negativity and its origins, the divine will understand and know exactly what is taking place. When all of these individual sources of negativity are described explicitly with requests to the divine to apply the very tools it uses for such circumstances, and various forms of amplification and leveraging to have the healing applied not only to everyone and everything that can be a negative influence but across all time domains to heal the damage done in other lifetimes that may continue to be resonating within and harming the person needing help, you have the ingredients to truly overcome any and all problems, given enough time for this to play out. Healing can take a very long time, and that is because of the enormous backlog and complexity of the enterprise as a consequence of the human dilemma, coming from behind as you are through millennia of suffering at the hands of others with little wherewithal to do effective healing, and being ignorant of the priority most needed to solve the human dilemma being the need to heal your perpetrators first, to truly solve the problem. Without healing the perpetrators who inflict harm on you and threaten your very existence, you will always be playing catch-up, putting out fires they have set but more fires will keep coming—that is no way to live.

The Lightworker Healing Protocol and empowered prayer, work well together and together can save and heal humanity. Both require your participation, either done by you through learning how, or requesting the help of a practitioner who can do this on your behalf and who brings an added advantage of someone having very likely, a higher belief quotient in the divine and belief in themselves as worthy of requesting divine assistance. At a minimum, their belief quotient will be added to yours and this only further enhances the likelihood of receiving the benefits you seek. It is a choice, but a choice that is important and vital to having a future, let alone the quality of the future you will enjoy with the remainder of your current life. You must act if you want to be included in the rescue of humanity.