DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine Life SupportCan you give us a case study example, to share at our next webinar, (on March 4, 2024), of an individual or group who was helped by Divine Life Support?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago
The case study example we have for you today is a young infant, a newborn, in fact, who was struggling in utero from the negative influence of karmic forces being triggered and stirred up greatly within the being by the return to the physical plane, and feeling the heavy density of the energy, and reconnecting to the akashic records of lives of great difficulty, starting from a young age, in particular. So that was a karmic setup based on prior lifetimes getting off to a very rocky and uncertain start, creating a similar vibration and experiencing with a new incarnation underway. This is what the Law of Karma does, it brings back prior challenges from karmic trauma events to reintroduce them energetically as a challenge to encourage paying attention, striving to find a way to surmount the disturbance and, in the process, gaining ground if healing brings a person back into divine alignment. If that does not happen, the negativity that is unchecked will mount and be added to the akashic records so that the problem will grow with intensity and will likely return again and again, perhaps in every new incarnation going forward, and each time will be more difficult to heal, as all too often happens, and this can trap a person into a karmic fate of diminishment and tragic suffering that becomes chronic and seemingly insurmountable. This illustrates many things, especially, the importance of personal responsibility, to do the best one can, always, in any moment, because there is always much more at stake than one might realize. So to let things go and not make every attempt to improve one's situation is giving in, not only to taking the easy way out perhaps, at least seemingly, but it is a dereliction of duty to serve the soul. That can have quite serious consequences if the event in question in the current incarnation becomes a tipping point, the so-called "straw that breaks the camel's back," so that the next time around the energy is of such huge a magnitude that it is almost impossible to reckon with on one's own. It can become a kind of curse to have a series of failed lifetimes, in some way or another, because the same liability pops up again and again and becomes an insurmountable obstacle to prevent a happy life and a favorable outcome. So the young infant we speak of, faced with a return to the land of karmic drama and potential risk, found itself here once too often and was heading for oblivion, in sensing its existence was an impossible situation, and was in the grip of rising emotion that was almost entirely instinctual, given no current life experience beyond the sheltered uterine environment. But, as we have described, the Law of Karma was bringing discord, energetically, from prior lifetimes of struggling as an infant and dying young, and the return engagement was heading down the same path, overwhelmed by the negative energies of the current circumstances and not possessed of any life skills to seek a solution. And not possessing the wherewithal, its fate was sealed and was likely to flee the scene, through a sudden death with departure of the spirit, leaving the body behind with many unanswered questions for grieving parents who would never know what happened and why. That wider circle of pain, as with all victims and their perpetrators, gets added into the akashic records of those involved in a karmic trauma situation, and that will add to the difficulty for setting things right eventually, but the Law of Karma will demand this happens, nonetheless. The fortunate thing for this infant is that the mother was a loved one of someone in the Divine Life Support program of GetWisdom and on their wish list to help not only the mother but the child in the womb not yet born. This enabled us to begin working on these karmic potentials because we could see in the future the trouble ahead and the likelihood this would end in crib death and a compounding of the karmic tragedies of old. What made the difference was the healing requests, done through the Lightworker Healing Protocol and Deep Subconscious Mind Reset, to enable us to intervene along the way with the mind and body of the developing infant, as only one of a number of steps to lighten the karmic load and tip the balance in the favor of survival. The major accomplishment making that possible was our ability to go across time to those prior lifetimes and repair damage done and recorded in the akashic records at those time points that inevitably lives on and returns to the individuals involved over and over again until things are rebalanced to render them neutral. So that repair proved to be extremely valuable and a critical factor in changing the destiny of this newly delivered infant once it arrived on the scene. The healing was not total, but enough to give the infant a fighting chance. And, with continued life, there will be opportunities for learning and growth so the infant, the child it becomes, and on into maturation and adulthood, will continue meeting the challenges of existence in the physical and gaining ground, and that life success will be the key for completion of the needed healing.