DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine RealmConcetta Bertoldi wrote, “Another thing the dead are good at … is manipulating electricity, whether they are just letting you know they are there or whether they are doing something helpful. The spirits are made entirely of energy themselves, and anything electrical can be influenced, from the lights in the home to smartphones to digital clocks.” What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

This is quite true, and both spirits in the higher astral plane, as well as spirits in limbo, may impinge on the awareness of humans in the living in this fashion by using the electrical devices in the environment as a way to make their presence known as a message or signal. Along with that may well be a message energetically, of intention that might well be perceived intuitively, by a human noticing something strange like a light flashing on and off, tuning into it intuitively to see what might be going on, and then getting a bad feeling because there is something malevolent present. But if such is not the case, it will be simply a matter of curiosity, most likely, unless a person is conditioned through prior encounters with unpleasantness to have a kind of conditioned fear response to anything that seems paranormal.

So humans are not always accurate in the way they interpret such things, but we can tell you that the true meaning is often missed. If it is someone in the light wanting to send a message, that can be done indirectly through a being closer to the lower astral plane and to your energy as a being in the physical. So here again, the spirit team might be involved to complete the circuit, so to speak, and impinge on an electronic device in some way to leave a sign something unusual has happened and, indeed, your channel has examples from his clients and followers of GetWisdom remarking on many such interactions; for example, receiving messages on their cellphone or a text message that has a meaning for the person, coming from a departed loved one.

There are many, many experiences like this that are unrecorded and thereby ignored by the mainstream. If you look at current television fare, you will find consistently, programs devoted to spirit phenomena—ghosts, apparitions, things moving, and electrical devices acting strangely. This may well be earthbound spirits wanting to get attention, hoping they can get some help from the living because they are lost and confused, or it could be a malevolent spirit who knows more about what is going on but is seeking to do harm and has a dark focus, and this can be truly a menace and a real threat to safety.

So it is always good to bring in some healing efforts when such phenomena are observed. It might well be that a loved one in the light is wanting to send a message to their loved one because there is a need for healing they do not appreciate, but it may be possible to have a human healer come their way if an encounter can be arranged to look into the paranormal phenomena being exhibited to see what the issue might be. So here again, the spirit team can be at work, doing things indirectly to inspire a useful outcome to come about that cannot be simply ordered from on high through an explicit instruction, as that would be leading, which is not allowed.