DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine RealmConcetta Bertoldi wrote, “One thing in dealing with the dead is that you have to be clear about your intentions. You can’t leave them guessing. You can’t say, ‘I’d like a baloney sandwich,’ and then, ‘But I should probably have a salad,’ and then, ‘No, what I’d really like is a bowl of ice cream – how many points is that?’ Yes, the dead have an eternity, but they don’t have time for that! You need to be sure you want the baloney sandwich and clearly ask for just that.” What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

This is a kind of general working principle that applies to all interactions between the human and divine realm. We follow the intention more so than the words of people’s thoughts and speech. If the intention is mixed, which often is the case when people are confused, emotionally overwrought, or in a state of fear, they might ask for something but greatly fear the consequences of what they might find out or what might occur if they take action of some kind, even to probe something that could have a dark agenda. When the intention is a mixed one, that will always limit what the divine can do in response because, in having to follow the intention as the true energy being launched by the human in the physical, when it is a mixed message it can be self-canceling, and then we are helpless to even mount a response because we cannot choose for that person which part of their intention to honor and which part to ignore.

So this speaks to the wisdom in having a clear agenda in mind and in heart as well. You cannot lie to us and get away with it. We know how you truly feel within and if there are even mixed beliefs that run counter to one another about something you are involved with. This is very true about your belief in the divine, that it will likely not be total but partial, and there will be some negative beliefs that hinder you in the mix somewhere. The same is true of your beliefs of your own standing and worthiness to receive divine assistance; if you doubt yourself and believe in your weakness and unworthiness, we cannot go against that by showering you with loving divine interventions to counter that view and disprove it through launching a miracle on your behalf—that would actually be going against your wishes as evidenced by your very mixed intentions stemming from your inner misgivings.

What this speaks to is all such vagueness, uncertainty, and imprecision are a healing opportunity to clarify things of importance, still, that may have been the culprit in creating such a mixture of positives and negatives about a certain matter of importance. This will get in your way each and every time until it is dealt with and the negativity replaced by neutral or positive energy. That requires a healing intervention to arrange it and is the best use of time and money, in getting your life together and having a good future, and not one that itself is mixed in the level of happiness you experience and the level of satisfaction in terms of success or failure.