DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine RealmConcetta Bertoldi wrote how she passed on a message from a boy’s deceased mother about guilt he felt, and his fear of being judged. The mother in spirit told him he would be met by unconditional love. She said to him, “Don’t ever be afraid of God,” and that he (her son) would not be judged. What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

We see this as a very valuable message and a quite divine and loving truth of great benefit to the son left behind. It is divine wisdom on display, because of the many humans who have their lives constrained through their fear and uncertainty, about being more open and approaching the Almighty with only their thoughts through prayer, but might feel unworthy and hesitate, and over time move away from any such inclinations, and thus miss a huge opportunity to get their life on track and have ongoing divine partnership as a resource available to them all day long when that is cultivated and prized through regular and routine requests to us for assistance.

This is your birthright and if you choose to ignore it, we must do the same and leave you be, to figure things out and act on your own using your own knowledge and capabilities. This will diminish you because you are ignoring a potential strengthening and amplification of your reach available to you through enlisting our assistance, and that can come in any number of ways to help you meet goals you find important, and perhaps necessary for your life journey, given the yearnings of your soul and having a life plan; even if only dimly perceived as a physical being, you will be impulsed with suggestions all along the way to guide you towards your plan when you stray. The more you embrace this possibility of help being given and actively requested, the more frequently that can be offered to you, and the more effectively the gesture can be made to come about in the level of energy for the engagement and its intensity and effectiveness as a consequence.

The more you want something, the more likely it will come about. Belief, as a general principle, will only work for you if you are engaging the divine realm to bring something to you from the universe. You cannot do this from your thoughts alone as a physical human. Any miracles you call forth will be the doing of the divine. There is no reason to be shy or hesitant to engage with us. We love and cherish you, after all, and want your success, because it will please us as well as you, and even more greatly because we appreciate, more than you do, all that you face working against you, and we find every small forward step you make thrilling to behold as a demonstration of your divinity being chosen and put to work by you. Why would we not want to participate more directly in bringing that about with greater effectiveness and certainty? We love being involved with you but unfortunately, for many, many human beings, we are only a witness standing beside them the entire time of their lives but helpless to intervene with assistance of any kind because we are not invited.