DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine RealmConcetta Bertoldi wrote, “I feel perfectly comfortable saying that I could not do this work without God’s permission and blessing.” She is one in 50,000 people who possess the pronounced ability to communicate directly with the dead. How can Empowered Prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol create a future where everyone has the ability to safely communicate directly with spirit, the way Concetta does?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

What she says is quite true and is true for everyone. You are here because we were here first and created you to exist and have the life you are experiencing currently, as well as all the other lifetimes you have engaged with and experienced. This is a very large and complex undertaking of a multitude of souls with many agendas that all converge on the simple goal of expansion in a loving way to add a richness and variety of pleasure and joy in being a part of everything that unfolds. It is entirely a positive intention, so any kind of negativity will be felt through slowing things down, and perhaps acting as a brake and an impediment as well—a true hurdle that must be vaulted to continue on the journey.

Many are lost and effectively their life is dead in the water, so to speak, because they have become helpless through giving up on themselves, and perhaps giving up on us as well. It is often the case that giving up on us allowed them to give up on life, because they did not have us as a resource to counterbalance the negativity coming their way, from being around others who are dark through inner corruption that has happened in circumstances greatly challenging to happiness and well-being. It is difficult to remain positive and steadfast when challenged, in a threatening fashion, especially. That is a test of faith always, and the great meaning of that is, we know it is possible for you to surmount almost anything, given an inner wherewithal of belief to keep you strong, no matter what comes your way and might be done to you.

The purpose of existence, including especially all its negativity, is a tremendous opportunity to learn the ins and outs in the art of living, how to get it right, how to make it count, how to learn and grow effectively, and how to gain the rewards of having more love in your life you bring out from others through dispensing love to them. Most times it is your own suffering and your own failings that take the wind out of your sails and bring recurring episodes of failure, in lifetime after lifetime, in many cases. What is needed is a way to heal the wounds when they are happening and not let them fester unattended and unresolved.

The great leveler, the Law of Cause and Effect, often referred to as the Law of Karma, keeps everything honest and assigns responsibility for one’s own energy and one’s own doings, whether helpful or unhelpful, and to whom that energy impinged and caused a change for better or worse. The consequences will always cycle back to you with rewards and blessings if you have done something in the way of loving kindness, or as harm, limitation, and lack if you have harmed yourself or others. It might be a renewed struggle with an old enemy who reincarnates and finds their way to you to reawaken an old feud or points of friction. The point of it is to give you an opportunity to do it better, to set things right, and to heal it once and for all as an opportunity for both learning and growth to happen. When there is continued wounding, it makes things worse, it ups the ante, so to speak, and the next go-round, courtesy of the Law of Karma, might be more severe, and even violent, with the intention of increasing the burden in order for it to receive a higher priority, not simply to punish you and make you suffer, but that will indeed happen as a consequence when things have been neglected again and again through ignorance.

The way forward is to deal with your past and the only effective way you can do that is with divine help. Prayer using the prayer empowerments we have inspired your channel to bring forward are a great first step to use in setting things right, in preparing your own path, and evolving a life strategy because it will get healing started and bring in divine counsel and support, which will be of material benefit to you all the way along. For urgent and deep healing for the big agendas, the big issues still unresolved that are holding you back especially, it is critical to get divine assistance and the very best way for that to happen is using the Lightworker Healing Protocol because it is a comprehensive series of requests addressing every type of negativity and harm that can befall a person, along with an antidote requested from the light to go to work on the issue and set it right, render it neutral energetically, so the recipient of the healing is off the hook and will escape any future karmic consequences. Because the Law of Karma is satisfied in the process of healing to neutralize the stored negativity and change the energetic signature for the traumas that have happened, and the Law of Karma will be satisfied it has been reckoned with and put right, the universe will be in better balance, and you will be happy and carefree without those dark clouds hanging over you.

Those pitfalls of life can be addressed effectively through the Lightworker Healing Protocol proactively. So this Protocol is a great prophylactic benefit that can be of value again and again on a lifelong basis because there are many karmic milestones that have inherently landmines you can step on, so to speak, to cause the reawakening of prior traumas and failings, because they will resonate with a current challenge in the life experience, and the Law of Karma will see this and bring them to life as a reminder, and they may well become an obstacle to forward progress unless they are healed, and healed effectively, not just paid lip service through a token gesture, or even costly treatments that do not deal with the true underlying causes and are, in effect, worthless in leaving you still suffering under the weight of your karmic backlog.

You have powerful opposition, as a species, wanting to subjugate and control you, and now threatening your very existence with a plan to annihilate everyone on your planet. The only way this can be stopped is through using Empowered Prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol to bring healing to bear for your tormentors—the perpetrators bringing about the subjugation and the dark plans for your demise. If you can heal them by raising them up so they leave you alone and depart, you will be saved and all that you have done to work on unhealed trauma will bring the greatest benefit you could ever imagine, not only for yourself personally but all your loved ones, and beyond that to everyone in the galaxy, including those perpetrators who, without you, are not only lost but doomed. Your souls are immortal and you will live on somewhere even if there is no Earth for you to inhabit, but the extraterrestrials and dark spirits, who undermine you and have dark designs on your future existence, can only go so long living with such depravity in their thinking before they are cut off entirely from divine support, and as a consequence of their own poor choices, will be doomed.

Everything is at stake in whether you choose to heed this warning and encouragement to embrace the divine wisdom we offer, and the teachings we have given, to take some of your time to work in earnest on this healing mission. It is why you were created to exist in the first place and it is the purpose of your current life because you knew this was going on before you incarnated, and you chose to be here at the turning point that would decide the fate of humanity and many other worlds. But, as with everything, it is your free will choice to embrace or ignore. But, as with all human choice, you will live, or not, according to the consequences they bring about.