DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersCreator recently commented that the interlopers, led by the Anunnaki, had been responsible for the destruction of thousands of worlds within the Milky Way Galaxy. One of the remote viewers saw this destruction and pinned most if not all of the blame squarely on Lucifer. Lucifer has widely been regarded as the leader of the fallen angelics, and it was the fallen angelics who corrupted the members of the Extraterrestrial Alliance. So is this characterization of Lucifer accurate? Can Creator comment?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

This, indeed, is the true story. The fall from grace, the falling out in heaven, the war in heaven, as it has been described, are true representations of all that happened. This was not a snap decision or something that was a single falling out that took place all at once, but a progression, a slide from the pinnacle that gained speed over time to worsen and worsen, reaching an exponential trajectory. That is what brought evil into the galaxy as a consequence of the Free Will Paradigm allowing such things to happen. As such, this was a test in whether Creator’s concept for free agency and free will could be brought into being, allowed, in effect, to take people off the short leash of karmic consequences to allow greater latitude for risk-taking, exploration, and bold initiatives to be explored without the constant feedback to keep things on the current straight and narrow path, so to speak. It was the corruption by Lucifer and his minions that attacked the living beings in the Milky Way Galaxy. The most prominent, in terms of human history, are the Anunnaki, the oldest among the extraterrestrial races in an alliance working against humanity currently, all as a result of their corruption by the fallen angelics, headed by Lucifer. Without that corruption, they would be far, far better off and safer to be around on the part of other beings, other worlds that instead have been systematically plundered, ravaged, and some destroyed—a mass genocide on a gigantic intragalactic scale beyond human imaginings.

The best representation we can make of this is the exact parallel to what happened under Adolf Hitler in World War II and the regime of the Third Reich carrying out mass genocide. The reign of the Anunnaki in your galaxy is exactly parallel, that the leader of the Anunnaki has always been a Hitler-like figure, a psychopath bent on power and control and subjugation of others, and annihilation of the unfit, the unworthy who were of trivial significance and no perceived value to the Anunnaki themselves. They were simply no longer allowed to exist, with the benefit of their elimination being habitable planets and resources that could be plundered to serve the Anunnaki and their allies. So if you imagine Adolf Hitler having the wherewithal to live for up to a million years and go door to door among the worlds throughout your galaxy, and on a whim decide who lives and who dies, you have a clear picture of the scourge of the Anunnaki through the ages. As other younger extraterrestrial civilizations were, in turn, created but fell prey to the dark spirits under Lucifer, they, too, became corrupted and self-serving and are now functional psychopaths. As such, they are tolerated and seen as compatriots because they are on the same level, being power‑hungry, savage, and ruthless, and therefore, seen by those twisted to be the psychopath, having admirable qualities because the others are like themselves and are given grudging respect, if not truly trust.