DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersCan Creator comment further on what Lucifer’s job was, and presumably still would be, if he had not fallen and remained in divine alignment?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

Lucifer was an archangel of the highest order and was entrusted with dominion over the angelics within the Milky Way Galaxy as a whole. Your galaxy has been sequestered energetically to be a part of an experiment in free agency and free will, knowing that this could be problematical because it creates the possibility of evil to arise when total freedom is possible, and the consequences of a misstep are greatly delayed by staying the hand of the Law of Karma to be delayed. What that does is allows misjudgment to go unpunished, so it automatically supplies a test of resolve, a test of divinity as to whether the individual soul will choose to remain in alignment or indulge the self in some way that takes something from others.

Unfortunately, Lucifer failed this test and it was because of his lofty status and recognition that this happened, granted such powers and freedom to be in charge, it went to his head, so to speak, and he developed a thirst for more. This led to the misapplication of power and inner corruption of his thinking and worsened over time despite hints and warnings he was taking liberties that were inadvisable but proceeded anyway. This led to his downfall. He and his large group of fallen angelics have continued corrupting many beings throughout the galaxy and given rise to true evil as a force to darken things, to corrupt, and to lead to the diminishment and suffering of many, many worlds.

This is what has led to the human dilemma of being enslaved by a group of extraterrestrial beings who are running the world from behind the scenes. None of this would have happened if Lucifer had not gotten out of alignment because the role of the angelics is to provide divine oversight, support, encouragement, guidance, inspiration, healing, and protection. They are not the only source, much is done directly by Creator and by other light beings as invited to help, but the primary function of the angelic is to support the divine human and other soul-based beings created to further the expansion of Creator’s consciousness.

Lucifer and his minions have betrayed our trust and represent now the polar opposite of divinity in all they do. You were created to save them because humans are not yet so corrupt, they see the possibility of goodness, they understand the workings of love, and have experienced the righting of wrongs through caring and devoting attention through forgiveness to even raise up an enemy, and are able to understand the wisdom in this. If Lucifer were suddenly able to convert back to where he started, he would be the most powerful influence for good within your galaxy, independent of Creator, rather than the darkest and most corrupt.