DWQA QuestionsCategory: MetaphysicsDoes Creator have a warning against any kundalini practice?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

We can make a broad categorical warning about any kundalini practice that is done without requesting divine protection, and this must be done by someone who is in divine alignment with respect to having belief in the divine personally, as well as the belief in the self as being worthy of receiving divine support and protection. Few people meet these criteria, but both must be sufficient, otherwise the divine support might be inadequate or even nonexistent in extreme cases, if people have allowed themselves to become disconnected from the divine through lack of belief, or have applied intense self-criticism. This is not a judgment and punishment from us. It is a decision on the part of people themselves to drift away from an awareness of the divine, and cultivating a way to partner with us and gain the benefit of our ongoing willingness to support our human partners. This is why the choice to become an atheist is ultimately a death sentence over a period of time unless it is reversed. So given that requests for safety are in place, arranging a Kundalini Awakening will have variable consequences and benefits, depending on how it is conducted and on the basis of what awareness and beliefs are being held. Most people are largely ignorant of the workings of the bodily systems and the divine origin of these energies and to what extent there needs to be a consideration of all the forces impinging, including the energies from Gaia as well as the divine realm, and the various issues that are likely present with respect to things being out of balance. So we cannot give a blanket pronouncement about the benefits and virtue of a vague description or label like “Kundalini Awakening.” It is somewhat akin to asking whether an ill-defined “surgical operation” to restore “strength and function” is a good idea and will be helpful. The devil is always in the details.