DWQA QuestionsCategory: Limiting BeliefsDuring a reading with a famous medium (Caputo, Season 13, Episode 3), the client was told about their recently passed son, who was heavy into sports, “He’s playing soccer, he’s playing football, he’s playing lacrosse. ‘I’m playing every sport I can – because I can.’ Everything and anything that he wanted to do in the physical world, he’s doing on the other side.” It seems hard to believe that soccer in heaven can impart the same overall experience that it does in the physical, because of the limitations of the physical, which we are reportedly free of in the light. Playing soccer in the physical world carries the risk of injury, along with facing aggressive, sometimes cheating opponents, etc. And if light beings can see the future, what’s the point of holding a contest? What can Creator tell us?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

It is not typical for light beings to engage in activities as this psychic reading described, because the reach of the light being is so much greater and there are many more fascinating things to do than to mimic an activity that depends on a physical form and gravity to reproduce, at least accurately. But a semblance can be done through the imagination and the power of consciousness if people wish, through a kind of nostalgia, to play and have fun, so that can, in fact, be done. This is why many spirits, as well as people looking deeper into accounts of spirit communications, see the signs that humans can reproduce familiar settings and terrain. They are often grander, more spectacular, with colors that do not occur in nature, for example, and that is a creative exercise of consciousness because it is only natural for your creative consciousness to use what it knows and is familiar with as a springboard and, in fact, there are many simulated worlds people indulge themselves with to produce dwellings and a local environment that reminds them of beautiful and enjoyable places they have been as a kind of simulation. But it is not truly like it is on the Earth, in terms of the restrictions imposed, because consciousness has much greater power than you appreciate as a physical being. Your consciousness is limited as a human who is incarnated, but the phenomenon of “mind over matter” is the ordinary workings of the higher realm you will return to when you pass on from life in the physical.

There indeed can be competition with other light beings, but it is not done to get the best of one’s opponent, and certainly would never involve excessive aggressive energies or cheating to take advantage. Competition is done as a kind of exercise that is shared, and regardless of who might be excelling at the moment, that will be appreciated by all others who are aware of what is unfolding, and they will all be cheering on the champion of the day for their achievements. This is because everyone will get their turn. In a world that is not limited, energy is abundant and freely available, and everyone is learning and growing. It is part of the innate wisdom, that no two beings are alike to begin with. So the fact one person can do something better or more effectively than another holds little meaning, other than the fact that two are different and what is a strength for one does not make them superior because there will be strengths of another they cannot match as yet, having chosen a different path and worked on differing things to develop their knowledge and capabilities.

The universe is vast and the opportunities are vast as well, so what that spirit was recounting is being in a place with no restrictions where the desire, even to have fun and to play, is endorsed and supported, and is only limited by each individual because all have autonomy and control of their doings, and do not have to meet a schedule mandated by anyone—all are motivated to learn and grow because that is the purpose and motivation innately within the soul, for creation to unfold.