DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsErin Prophet, daughter of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Mark L. Prophet, rejected the role of heir apparent of her parent’s religious movement and went on to become a professor of religious studies specializing in cults, or new religious movements, which she prefers to call them. She says the classic definition of the word “cult” is nothing more than a religious movement still within the first generation of its founding. She says one of the biggest hazards of cults is the development of a “fortress mentality.” What is Creator’s perspective on cults?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

We see hers as an interesting perspective that is accurately seeing that the behavior of many spiritual groups reflects a kind of perceived victimization and a need to come together to defend the community and counter the dark forces allied against them. This is not some kind of psychological aberration as is commonly assumed, especially by psychologists, because they do not consider the larger cultural influences people are immersed in and the larger reality that yours is a slave world. The world is being run behind the scenes by predatory conquerors, so the idea that new religious movements become cults, seemingly without a real justification for existence, and are prone to develop a fortress mentality that seems at times to be a paranoid fantasy of persecution, is a kind of false perspective of its own and stems from the fact human beings are manipulated to be complacent with respect to their dilemma. After all, humans are unaware of the fact they are in the grip of a larger force controlling them and their world, on many levels, in many ways that are very effective. They are pulling the strings and making many people jump to their tune. They create many of the problems of society. Their major strategy is “divide and conquer” which is highly effective, and this has been mirrored many times in how human dictators, and others wanting power and control, can gain influence by creating warring factions that end up destroying one another, and then an ultimate ruler can step in and take over.

Given that this is the overarching world dilemma, the fact people seeking some improvement because innately they are spiritual beings who are love-based, and want a return to love, and see anything that threatens this as a danger, is not a diagnostic indicator of mental imbalance, but more likely a higher awareness intuitively something is deeply wrong, there is a darkness looming, and something needs to be done about it. To be sure, when such groups become themselves corrupt, which is a high priority of the Extraterrestrial Alliance so they cannot do good works but only harm, they might develop misguided thinking through misapplying an interpretation of what might be the greatest danger, and then attack the wrong things and start to cause great damage, and bring discredit on their group and its leadership instead of doing something truly positive leading to greater safety and security. But keep in mind that is seen to by the interlopers, because all involved in such groups will be watched and manipulated heavily, because by the very nature of their existence they are telling the world they can see there is something more important going on that needs to be reckoned with and they are not supposed to be doing that, they are supposed to be complacent, living ordinary humdrum lives, engaged in useless rituals, and ordinary bland amusements and time-wasting indolence.