DWQA QuestionsCategory: MetaphysicsFrankl wrote: “… even a man who finds himself in the greatest distress in which neither activity nor creativity can bring values to life, nor experience give meaning to it, even such a man can still give his life a meaning by the way he faces his fate, his distress. By taking his unavoidable suffering upon himself he may yet realize values. Thus life has meaning to the last breath … The right kind of suffering—facing your fate without flinching—is the highest achievement granted to man.” What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

This is a deeply insightful awareness and appreciation of the role of the lightworker, and that is why all human beings were created, and has carried through to his generation and beyond to the present on the part of all humans who choose to come into life as physical earthlings. They are here as living witnesses to the depravity your culture has become, and act as a counterforce for good in the face of the evil that has descended and preyed upon humanity through the ages. You were created to rein it in and solve it, once and for all, to the greater good of everyone within your galaxy, and then the universe as a whole, to allow a wonderful expansion of possibilities based on greater free will and free agency. That has given rise to evil, and the experiment rests on the ability of physical beings themselves to counter it, and redirect things in a way evil can be contained, and then healed. Life will not continue on as it is headed within your galaxy. That is what is causing all the suffering—no matter what it is, on an individual or collective basis—it traces back to corruption by the dark spirits who gave rise to evil thinking and are preying on the living humans as well as extraterrestrial beings on many worlds. Every human knows this who is incarnating. You are all heroes in service to the light but do not know it.