DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersHow much does Creator have to actively manage the expectations of light beings? Was there a consensus about Lucifer’s readiness for greater power that Creator felt the need to support? Is the divine prone to reward success with more responsibility, even when there is concern about the poverty of true wisdom as a result of uneven development? Did Creator feel duty-bound to reward the successful Lucifer, knowing the extreme hazards awaiting him, and his potential inability to cope with them?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

Here again, you seem determined to pin the blame for Lucifer’s failures on the choices of Creator, who may have been too kind, too indulgent, less cautious, or perhaps not insightful enough to foresee what might go wrong and let things get out of hand. None of these descriptions apply here because in the same way humans are on their own to chart their course, make their decisions, and live with the consequences, that has always been true of the angelics as well. They do have the luxury of enjoying readier access to the divine and are not as blind to our existence as is true of humans, but they are allowed great latitude, just as humans have, because they, too, are a part of the Free Will Experiment of the Divine Human and, as such, are vulnerable to the same hazards, allowing greater extremes of latitude to act on their own before the Law of Karma will intrude with reminders and consequences forcing a reckoning and corrective action.

Given the power and reach of light beings, like the angelics, they have all the equipment they need to function effectively once they have enough life experience to understand their role. And given the fact they are immortal and not experiencing a series of short lifespans with each life starting over in a state of ignorance like a person who never gets to acquire a great depth of knowledge, that is not the case with angelics, who have vast capabilities for acquiring and accessing information of all kinds, and so are always able to find expert opinions and useful knowledge to guide their choices and, for the most part, work unerringly and maintain high standards in all they do. Being on their own and taking pride in their autonomy, as a mark of distinction and achievement through hard‑won life experience, this creates the same pitfall alluded to in the aphorism you began with, stating that, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

This, in a general way, applies to the angelic realm as well as the physical realm of humans and your extraterrestrial opponents, and under the rules of engagement allowing free agency and free will to all beings within the galaxy, by our own rules of engagement, we were not allowed to rush in and reprimand Lucifer and steer him to undo his errors and ride herd on his conduct to guide him back to a straight and narrow path. As a true test of the paradigm, we were constrained to let things play out with the expectation he would eventually begin to suffer from his mistakes and seek desperately to get back into alignment. All that needed to happen was for him to reach out to us for guidance and counsel, but his ego was in his way and he waited too long once he began to slip from the pinnacle of his attainment, and then found he was unable to reattain the same heights or even maintain stability. He kept slipping further and further, because the corruption grew within him and limited his power and his judgment, and it cost him dearly. We saw this develop from its earliest beginnings, but we had to live within the rules, and that is what allowed him to fall so very far. It was not our choice or within our ability to intervene without compromising the integrity of the experiment underway, to truly put to the test the idea of self‑governance among the advanced beings within the Milky Way Galaxy.