DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine CautionIf humanity accepts the Arcturian offer, the near-term or even immediate consequence will be the “dreaded war” but with the entire Extraterrestrial Alliance, not just Reptilians. We will not be told that the real agenda is a planned human annihilation and extermination actually carried out by a planned collapse of human infrastructure and rule of law, anarchy, death by random violence, disease, starvation, and exposure. This, in fact, is already underway to soften us up. Cities will be destroyed not in nuclear holocausts but methodically to maximize human panic and suffering. Buildings will just mysteriously vaporize and collapse as they did on 9/11, terrorizing the survivors and making most of them homeless and destitute and ensuring an eventual demise. What can Creator tell us?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

Unfortunately, this scenario is all too accurate in its projection of the intended sequence of events and their consequences. You are being set up to take a fall. This is entirely a manipulation, from first to last, designed to end badly. They are deceiving you at every turn and setting things up to make you want their intervention, and tip the balance energetically so they will truly be holding all the power, even your naïve expectation of gaining help and appreciating their presence, so you will not be working against them with your thoughts.

They already know you are no match for them physically or militarily. The very idea that your military could do anything is part of the deception. They will be claiming to work with you, and your military, to strengthen yourselves so you can patrol the skies and space beyond your planet to maintain your sovereignty, and have a safe future with their assistance to remove those dark, “black hat” extraterrestrials who are controlling you at present. It is all a lie and subterfuge, but cleverly done to play on your vulnerabilities they know all too well. They are masterful at ginning up fear and other dark emotions like anger and hatred. They do this often to drive a wedge between groups of humans who are orchestrated to have quite divergent views, to exaggerate what might be their own innate tendencies, as with having liberal perspectives versus a more conservative way of thinking, and this they mine again and again to ramp up political differences and keep people fighting with one another.

Meanwhile, there is much mind control manipulation to enforce complacency. People just turn away in disgust perhaps, but settle for less, assuming nothing can really be done. They are so used to seeing political gridlock, weak and impotent leadership that is often misguided and off-point, mostly doing the wrong things than the right ones. Your governance is cleverly manipulated to deceive you into thinking they are doing useful work when it is a kind of make-believe, a make-work exercise that will often have more negative consequences than positive if only through squandering wealth on make-work projects that are a kind of folly, and even entirely pointless, like the Environmental Movement that is using your money to fight the Sun when there is truly no real danger. It is all an exaggeration and a manipulation to make you fear carbon dioxide when there is actually more needed to encourage better crop yields, and other plant life that is quite beneficial to the biosphere, and only a trivial influence on the planetary temperature.

Your channel has explored dozens and dozens of subterfuges like this to misdirect science, misdirect thinking, and that level of corruption results in almost universal application of misguided government policies on a worldwide scale. None are escaping this negative influence, but it is greatest with the most powerful countries, and for good reason. Their whole agenda is maintaining power and control. They do all of their misdeeds through human beings, so it is your fingerprints and not theirs, and you will end up blaming one another for the carnage when it is not truly a human idea to begin with, but simply implemented by hapless human beings manipulated to believe in a cause and then carrying out misguided and ill-considered plans that backfire. This happens over and over and over and people do not see the pattern for what it truly represents, an outside manipulation, but all such schemes that fall through are blamed on human nature being faulty.

It is time to wake up and see the handwriting on the wall for what it truly represents. When you are choosing to act alone without having God in your life and at your side, you will be at an extreme disadvantage compared to the much more powerful extraterrestrial races who conspire against you. That is an energetic reality, given their long, long head start in becoming advanced technologically and, having subjugated you almost from the start, as a promising but still more primitive seeming race, they have gained the upper hand and held it ever since. That legacy of karmic manipulation and trauma weighs heavily on you and is your heritage. It is time to throw off the chains and reclaim your power, but you must believe that your true power lies in partnering with us, not your own inner impulses to fight back, to go to war, to seek vengeance, and strike out to kill your opponents. That cannot be done effectively to any good purpose, it will only strengthen their resolve and ramp up their savagery in seeking vengeance for any signs of resistance. For this turning point, you need a divine friend at your side to even the odds.