DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious ChannelingIs it best for the latter clients working directly with the facilitator, to simply ask for impulsed guidance be given to the “subconscious,” or is addressing the “deep subconscious” still critical for ordinary HMR sessions to get superior outcomes from divine help with this approach?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

It would be best to leave the instruction as a connection to the subconscious rather than specifying the deep subconscious. This will allow broad latitude to the divine realm in what can be arranged to happen. Not everyone will be able to process information from other lifetimes and might see such imagery or information as wildly implausible and unbelievable and lose confidence in the process as a consequence. Some will simply not be able to understand what is happening because it will make no sense to them and may self-censor things. This too will lead to a level of disbelief in what they are experiencing and can detract from the overall benefit they will appreciate if this is not forced to happen by exceeding their normal reach with the conscious awareness of the end result being something very unusual and, to them, quite peculiar.

Many times things can be finessed to make the link to the akashic record but have the subconscious focus on a linking episode within the current life and, in this way, keep the focus of attention on the current life carryover of concern from the original type of injury, and then in the completion of the resolution, include the older episodes in the akashic record as part of the energetic self-healing that happens. So you will have the best of both worlds—you will have a deeper, more profound and fundamental healing reaching into the akashic records to a much greater extent without having to upset the sensibilities of a client witnessing what comes up from the subconscious level and being spared something of a bizarre nature they are unable to relate to but nonetheless will have a greater benefit overall.