DWQA QuestionsCategory: Non-Local ConsciousnessIs the cutting-off of life force energy an abrupt thing, or is it a gradual narrowing and diminishment that eventually stops altogether? Again, the thought is that perhaps the aberrant angel notices the loss and it acts as an inducement for reform. In terms of expansion and diminishment, is every life form either expanding or losing its connection at any given time, or is there a consistency in flow for some life forms?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

This is a useful question, but not capturing the reality of the dynamic underway. It is not we who narrow and diminish the life force energy flowing to anyone, it is those beings themselves, through their choices, who become out of alignment and no longer a match to the life force energy of their origin, and so its nature and quantity will diminish, and this is inevitable because they become no longer a match to their fuel, so to speak, and can only use a portion for self-maintenance. What this causes is not only a diminishment but a diminished capacity to once again function on a higher level, because they have lost the ability to do so, and the energy they can utilize will not be up to the task of restoring them fully. That is why there is a healing need here rather than simply opening a valve or throwing a switch to restore the flow; they are experiencing a karmic consequence of their choices as an alteration over time of how they are configured energetically, and their capacity to function, as a consequence, has been altered in ways they cannot undo directly themselves.

In effect, every life form has a flow and flux energetically, because their own consciousness will influence the flow of life force energy itself. If they are in harmony with all around them, they will be able to use the flow of life force energy to its fullest. But if they become out of alignment, in some respect, that will indeed diminish their ability to utilize the energy and it will be cut back correspondingly because nothing is wasted. There is a feedback mechanism that keeps things in balance, but that balance can be perturbed by the beings themselves, and so for the diminishment they engineer, in effect, through a darkening of their being that comes about through their own choices to settle for less, to become corrupted, to think dark thoughts, and create karmic consequences to diminish themselves, they must bear the consequences and may have a tough time repairing the degradation that takes place.

Here again, this shows the need for partnership with the divine, so that should you make a misstep that is sizeable and difficult to self-correct, you can still appeal to the divine realm and be given support to recover successfully. But if you turn your back on the divine and choose to go on your own, you will only have your own resources to work with, and that may well prove to be inadequate, depending on the life challenges you face and the likelihood you will be corrupted eventually by the darkness working relentlessly to do so.