DWQA QuestionsCategory: Non-Local ConsciousnessWe know the extraterrestrial spirits in limbo are particularly powerful, and that this likely accounts for why they are able to bully the fallen angelics rather than the other way around. We know they are still considered part of the Free Will Project though they are on thin ice, and so they are still receiving life-supporting life force energy. But aren’t some of them just as vibrationally negative as the fallen angelics? How are they still able to directly receive this energy, and how is it governed? Do some receive less than others? What can Creator tell us?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

It is true that they are becoming as depraved as the fallen angelics and in some cases more so because they have higher capability to begin with, and so are more effective in what they choose to be and do, and this is true when they devote themselves to becoming a force for evil. What differs is that they are not yet cut off from life support, as is true of the fallen angelics. That is the reason for their relative power, they are free to roam and do not need to draw energy from the living, which makes the fallen angelics a parasite that must attach a great deal of the time to a living being to siphon away energy for themselves in order to keep going, although they can’t really go anywhere at the same time, and this limits their range and options for experiencing anything of value. They are literally clinging to life in a dependent state. That does not mean, however, they are not dangerous; their consciousness is a menace to anything it can influence, and that includes the host they attach to—to pirate energy, they will attempt to manipulate their host to worsen things and cause as much harm as they can. Most of that is solely directed at perturbing the host enough to ramp up the need for energy so they get more for themselves.

The extraterrestrial spirits are particularly dangerous because their greater power and ability to manipulate the fallen angels gives them a weapon they can direct at particular targets, especially living human beings, to create a reign of terror to drag them down. So there will be a larger group effort with high-level intelligence in many cases involved with spirit attacks that humans must reckon with. So that contest between good and evil is amply illustrated with this dynamic, that extraterrestrial spirits continue to enjoy free agency and free will for the time being. As such, they pose a significant challenge to humanity because they are dangerous and belong to the enemy camp. Here still, the answer is healing; it can be requested by the human being to be arranged through the divine realm, and that can raise up the extraterrestrial spirits in limbo, and this will raise their vibration and bring them enough into divine alignment they can be persuaded to return to the light and no longer be a part of the attacks against humanity.