DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerIt is assumed that a primary purpose of a life plan is to address the karmic backlog of the individual. What steps are taken if it is known that the individual in question is likely to increase their karmic backlog?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

We would differ in posing your question with respect to the assumption you are here primarily to work on your karma. In a broad sense this is true, but only when including the primary objective of overcoming evil, and that is everyone’s business and is a much larger issue than individual humans or even the entirety of the human collective with respect to their history and makeup—it influences the entire Milky Way Galaxy. Your primary purpose for having a life plan to reincarnate is to do lightwork to help the cause of humanity and the others who suffer from evil, to work on this problem and to overcome the corrupting influence, and to save the interlopers from their dark ways so they will not perish but have an opportunity to be healed and raised up once again. That is a lofty mission indeed, there is no greater and loftier act than to heal an enemy and save them in the doing.

In the course of this long-term project, all have become wounded again and again, suffering from inner corruption unavoidably, because of the power of the interlopers, and then getting out of alignment, making karmic missteps and accruing karmic damage and karmic wounding, both from becoming perpetrators yourselves at times, as when compelled to go to war, but also many times being victims. And that wounding becomes a karmic imperative because it happened on your watch, and as the guardian of your own soul, you are responsible even for healing what is done to you by others. So eventually, you will have to reckon with the long history you have endured of suffering at the hands of the interlopers and find ways to heal yourself—that can take a good deal of concerted effort and for many is more than a full-time project in coming back for an incarnation. There are many who do so and have their hands full just to stay afloat because of the level of the karmic backlog of unhealed need being so overwhelming. But for most, the primary objective will still be lightwork on behalf of the collective of divine beings, to right the wrongs of history and overcome your evil opposition and turn things around for the better.

During the course of your life, there will be opportunities to learn about healing and to obtain some divine healing and that, indeed, might be integral to your life plan in order to be successful and not be taken out quite early through attrition, if you are starting behind because of severe wounding that catches up with you early on and drags you down too greatly. So a combination of self-care, self-healing, and divine intervention may be needed in order to keep going and have a chance of having your life mission completed with any kind of accomplishment beyond your own status being given some assistance with forward progress. Indeed, most lightworkers fail to make a contribution at this point, because not only is the darkness powerful due to human weakness and neglect through unawareness of what they face, but most will simply be sidelined too readily because of the disconnection in not being aware the divine is real or really knowing anything about the ongoing contest. It is not a mainstream notion, more of an abstraction recounted in the Bible but not appreciated as being a reality that will influence every single human being and all of their future, in terms of what decisions you make now to oppose evil or be complacent and sidelined with a life of no real accomplishments that matter.