DWQA QuestionsCategory: Limiting BeliefsIt seems the difference between evil intentions and good ones, is the awareness that your own intentions have equal importance with the intentions of others and must be balanced and negotiated accordingly, versus the belief your own intentions have the only importance that must prevail to the greatest extent possible. There is also the problem of thinking everyone else’s intentions are more important than one’s own. Can Creator comment?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

As with all human choice, there are responsibilities inherent in your utilization of energy. This is the truth in the wisdom of the saying, “No man is an island.” You are meant to be a part of a family of souls sharing a common existence but in myriad ways that enhance the all through expansion of the individuals linked together in the intertwining and sharing of experiences, and the energies deployed individually and collectively with a gaining of knowledge and wisdom as you go, to refine and strengthen and contribute to the betterment of human existence through judicious choices in governing your own energetic contributions. That is the art of living, in a nutshell, to always consider the important balance in favoring the self versus others you might be interacting with and influencing with your energies. So you are adding something that will uplift the self but without harm to others or contributing to others without harm to the self, as the case might be. So you are contributing positively in all respects, sometimes favoring one or the other but in general maintaining an overall balance so you are not creating a deficit that proves to be harmful to the self or the wider community. This is the responsibility of each individual soul to see to, that they fit in and make contributions while seeing to their own growth and expansion as an imperative but maintaining consideration for others to be more a positive than negative influence overall while benefitting the self.

When considering the workings of karma, it is always the case that it is a win-win for the self in helping others as well because karma will bring a reward for all acts of loving kindness gifted to others and the rewards will not be compounded from beyond the self when one is only self‑serving, so acts of selfish focus will inherently limit what is possible to attain. So corrective forces are built into the workings of the universe and it behooves each individual to learn through experience how to make the most of their existence in finding an ideal balance through sharing their energy in ways that will be mutually enhancing so all will benefit. Through growth and maturity, people who are successful in approaching life in a positive way by seeing to the needs of others, as well as the self, will gain the most, and the wisdom it brings through the doing will have the understanding of how to be successful in life. Everyone is aware of others who are selfish as well as those who are generous to a fault by never taking something for themselves along the way, but only serving others and denying self-reward that is justified and a healthy outcome that would be uplifting and contributing positively to growth and expansion. After all, when growth is stunted one can neither help themselves or do much for others if they become a weakling and, as a result, have little to contribute to anyone.