DWQA QuestionsCategory: Transition (Crossing Over)My client [name withheld] has a father who is near death and has been offered medicine to end his own life on a compassionate needs basis, which is legal in his location. He is wavering back and forth and having a great deal of fear about his transition because he is in fear of judgment to begin with and believes if he ends his own life things will go badly for him in the afterlife. Can you give him a message to help him understand this dilemma, that would be of use to him and others wanting things to end, but fearing what may come thereafter?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

“This is Source Creator speaking. First of all, you need to know that you are greatly loved. You are a precious, precious, soul to me, and this will never change. We know you and know you well, and, after all, brought you into being, to be who you are and who you have been in the whole of your life. We have walked it with you, and been a silent partner for the most part, able to give you encouragement at times, but largely unseen and outside your awareness. This is why you struggle now, because you do not hear our words to you, our reassurance, and sense our love with certainty. It is there for you. It always has been and always will be.

We do not judge, and especially do not find fault with one who has reached the final stage of their life and grows weary, and particularly when the body begins to fail and strength begins to ebb. The quality of life declines, and at some point serves little purpose in continuing. What value is there in maintaining an existence, clinging to life when there is no joy, no happiness, no comfort, and no real confidence in things improving dramatically. There is a time to exit and to do so gracefully if there is an opportunity. That is always chosen at some level, usually the higher self, and many times the part of the being in the physical with their conscious thoughts will be in a state of fear and uncertainty, because all of life has programmed them to be careful, to not risk something happening that could be fatal.

This fear is very hard to let go of, even when it might be highest and best to move on. We understand this quite well, and lament the fact people struggle so when this is needless. So then what we would say next is that in addition to your being loved, when you leave your body at your passing, you will return home to your true origin. It is within the heavenly realm with us. You left to enter into your new life as a physical human, but you will be returning to the fold and your true higher family on your return, and you will be waiting with joy in a state of bliss until others you know in your family have their turn and come to join you once again.

There is no suffering in store for you. There is no punishment. There is no condemnation. You will not be rejected and punished, whether you choose to end your life or not by the means available will not matter. It is only of concern to you in your physical dilemma, and for you to choose whether to take that step or not. We see no point in living beyond the ability of the physical body to support life with grace and ease. This is particularly the case when you have met your obligations as best you can and there is little remaining for you to do. That is the case here. Your loved ones only want your comfort and happiness and to not see you suffer.

You do not serve God by suffering. You do not serve God by delaying your passing simply because the heart still beats and you are forced by reflex to keep breathing, when you no longer wish to be among the living and want your time of rest. There truly is no death. There is life, and then there is life beyond physical form. You come and go into new physical bodies, and it is simply a new chapter in a long series of learning opportunities to experience things and express your soul, to learn from what happens. When the life has served its purpose, it is not only appropriate to move on, but it is the compassionate thing to do, and will be experienced without pain, and a return to a joyful state of bliss within heaven. It does not help you or your soul’s development to suffer and languish, experiencing deprivation and discomfort. It truly serves no one. That is why the laws recognize, compassionately, there is a place to assist people with their transition by overruling the body and its reflex need to keep going, and put the choice back in your hands.

If you think about this carefully, you will see the wisdom in our words. Any self-blame you have, any regrets, any unfulfilled desires that are beyond your reach and ability to change, not only do not serve you, but keep you in a kind of prison that only harms your soul and prevents moving on with your soul journey. We do not make choices for people, and do not tell them what to do. That is the gift you have, a free will, and to be your own master. You are in charge of your life, not us. This is the gift we have given to you, to have your freedom to use as you choose with our blessing, and with our hope you will use it wisely and well. But anything that falls short will be from your own doing and will be a life lesson in some way. That is all that needs to happen.

There is no need for us to punish anyone. Life punishes people for their mistakes, in a sense, because the consequences will come back around to them. That is not judgment and condemnation from on high, it is simply the way the Universe keeps things balanced. This does create fear and the false notion God is watching and will strike down anyone who disobeys a commandment from the Almighty. What we can tell you, is that is not how we operate. Those ideas are simply human-level interpretations of what they assume God wants and how God must think, and because there is suffering they assume that it is God’s doing. This greatly compounds the fear and is wholly unnecessary.

We operate through love and have compassion, and we forgive everyone for their mistakes, their shortcomings, and poor choices, knowing it is they who will learn the lesson one way or another. So they do not need a harsh overseer to lash out and make them pay in some way. So we support you and all you think and do that helps you. We do not support your fear. We do not support your doubt, nor wish to add to it. It is simply a human reaction to your circumstances, based on much learning from all you were taught over the years about morality. The way we see the Universe is that everything that contributes to love is worthy and good. What takes love away is ill-advised, is faulty thinking, or faulty action, and that needs to be corrected so love can be restored.

When your life no longer serves you with love opportunities, and you are not only depleted but cannot love yourself, this very much needs to change. When you are trapped in a circumstance where loving the self is difficult at best and your life is one very constrained and constricted, with love draining away because of your unhappiness and inability to feel joy because of all the harsh circumstances, it becomes a life not worth living, and we do not expect or demand that of anyone. So there is wisdom in making possible an exit through one’s choosing, when done with careful consideration of the options and their consequences so it is not done prematurely, or from being misguided, or done in anger to punish others, or to punish the self, but simply as release. That can be the wisest choice.

So we must leave this in your hands to do as you feel is right. To love the self is a divine act, to care for the self, to nourish and support the self, and to protect the self. If you apply the golden rule to yourself and do things to help yourself in a way you would want others to bring, this may help you sort through the conflicting feelings. We understand your hesitation, your reservation and your fears about consequences. Those are deeply ingrained teachings, but that is all they are, they are teachings. Every circumstance is unique, and we can tell you that many, many, suicides are inappropriate even when there is great suffering. But when a life is run its course, for all practical purposes, and the body is beginning to give out, there is nothing to gain and little purpose to prolong a life of great restriction. Watching it slip away bit by bit is a kind of torment you would not wish on anyone.

So to have this visit the self is no less a tragedy, and a kind of primitive thinking, given the awareness, even of society, to recognize the folly of clinging to a minimal existence when moving on is straightforward. We love you without reservation, and we await your return to us and will be delighted to see you and have you with us once again when you choose to come and circumstances permit that to happen. It will be a time of joy for you and a glorious reunion indeed.”