DWQA QuestionsCategory: Spirit MeddlersMy client worries about her daughter [name withheld] because she continues to talk to herself, avoids making friends, and only works 9 ½ hours per week, and wonders if there is something I can offer. What is the cause of this impairment and what can I do to help?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

As you know intuitively, this all stems from the inner corruption and the trauma she experienced at the hands of her father from infancy onwards. In addition to the trauma from the abuse, she was infested with spirit meddler attachments that undermined her greatly, reduced her connection to Creator and left her vulnerable to their manipulation to a large extent. This is most unfortunate because it has caused some disturbance within the mind and resulted in a compartmentalization. This was created as a self‑defense and coping mechanism, and is a vestige of multiple personality to a mild degree, but nonetheless is the springboard for this display of voices and the conversation taking place. It is largely within parts of her own mind talking back and forth to one another.

This is not harmful, although to the extent it is not normal behavior, will be seen as such and will strike the observer as bizarre and will be off-putting to others. It is not productive to exhibit such idiosyncratic behavior if one wants to be accepted in society and fit in with others and be seen as a desirable companion. Even though the mother loves her daughter dearly, she is repulsed by some aspects of this dialogue and fears the worst because of the past history here that at times, dark beings have taken her over and caused major impairment and extreme psychological and emotional distress.

This self-preoccupation with the dialogue in question is also a diversion from life in some respects, as she is too focused inward and is reluctant to focus outward. If you think about this as the need to escape, the need to be self-contained, to wall oneself off from the external world of threat, this makes perfect sense. Looking outward, to her, means risk. That is where the demons lie in wait, and the perpetrators who would drag her into a similar nightmare as done by her father, and she is determined to avoid this at all costs, even at the cost of her own happiness and quality of life in other respects. After all, she has not truly known the full array of possibilities in having friendships and many social activities and acceptance by a wider circle, and an opportunity to contribute, to be accepted as a member in equal standing in a circle of peers. This also impairs her ability to participate as a worker and be stable and operate in the normal fashion, to not be seen as odd by others and to have a need to withdraw fairly quickly to regroup and re-equilibrate and calm down from the stress of the experience.

So this is holding her back across the board and impairing her ability to flourish. It is a legacy of trauma, as well as the distortion in the working of the mind itself. We wish we could tell you this was an easy problem to resolve with a few sessions of HMR (Holographic Memory Resolution) to do further trauma resolution only. But there are alterations of the mind akin to the severe end of the spectrum of mental illness that have been instituted by the meddlers, and will take some major reworking to set right. This can be done by divine realm, and will be greatly facilitated if you can do the trauma resolution work that will anchor it in place, and will not hold unless this is attended to. So this is the key to solving this dilemma. If you do enough trauma resolution work and make requests of the divine realm to continue with the deep repair needed for the mind imbalance and the fragmentation, the divine can repair the fractured state and re‑integrate the aspects of her person that have taken on these separate roles.

The fact that the mind is compartmented in this way is a dual need to hide and to preserve the self from the exterior world. In a sense, it is hiding from herself as well, in maintaining this compartmentalization from the parts of her mind that are bolder and more daring in being willing to venture forth and engage the outer world to some extent. By addressing the prior trauma more deeply and fully, this will bring healing for this wounded part of the mind that needs to be separate and keep walls around itself. At the moment, it is looking over the fence and yearns for greater freedom, but is still fearful. The fact it is communicating is the positive sign needed here that all is not lost. There is not a separation in a true sense. It is only a functional one that is, in a sense, holding on to the separated status for dear life, thinking there is no alternative and that survival itself is at stake. When enough trauma resolution is accomplished, that desperate need for separation will abate and that can allow a natural reintegration down the line with the help of the divine realm.

You were pondering whether there might need to be psychiatric help in conjunction with your work to accomplish this in her case, but we do not see the necessity and, in fact, it would more likely complicate things, as someone with the requisite expertise who normally would do this kind of reintegration work would not be willing to subordinate themselves to your approach and a fruitful collaboration would be very, very, unlikely. It would hinder more than help to have a psychiatrist involved here. Frankly, the divine realm can do a better job. If you pave the way to address those aspects of the problem being orchestrated and held in place through her free will to constrain herself in this fashion, that will make all the difference.

So we would encourage you to give the mother reassurance there are, in fact, things that can be done to help her daughter and that this can be done gently and safely. She will not be aware of the dialogue ongoing through channeling her deep subconscious. The part of the mind she talks to is still within the upper realm of the subconscious. It is being fed from the deep subconscious level and that is where the true problem resides in its fullest expression and where the need for the healing is greatest. So your normal outreach through subconscious channeling will deal with that troubled part of her mind and it will allow that portion visible to her and the world to begin to relax and be less rigid in its thinking. That is the first step towards integration: having a more relaxed state of mind, and this will allow it to stand down more and more, and not need to be in the driver’s seat commanding attention through carrying on a visible dialogue with the conscious self. That will be viewed rightly as a return towards normalcy and a sign of progress as well. This can be a beautiful unfolding to benefit her recovery from this grievous harm done by the perpetrators involved, including her father as fellow victim, but to her, a perpetrator in the consequences of his corruption.