DWQA QuestionsCategory: Healing ModalitiesOur client has tremors of unexplained origin she’s had all her life. What is the best way we can help her? Will regular Holographic Memory Resolution be fruitful, or does she need subconscious channeling with HMR ideally? Is there more you can do in addition to her regular session work with the Lightworker Healing Protocol?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

This is a karmic condition and is coming from other lifetimes of difficulty. That being the case, the most helpful approach would be to do subconscious channeling with Holographic Memory Resolution to address the experiences of the other lifetimes. Ordinary, direct HMR would help as well because there are experiences in the current life that are reinforcing, but the greatest benefit will come from doing the work on other lifetimes of trauma. This is the greatest need because it has created inner beliefs that are embraced quite strongly and the divine realm, as you know, cannot simply override those things that become ingrained. The correction can be done through indirect healing work but that is slow and fitful in terms of making gains in a reasonable length of time, so the subconscious channeling would be the most productive in showing a benefit much more quickly.