DWQA QuestionsCategory: Transition (Crossing Over)In what ways can we help our loved ones prepare for their eventual transition from life and support them during their final stages?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This is complicated to give a one-size-fits-all answer because people vary so greatly in their makeup, their orientation, their state of mind, and the various levels of awareness in the truth of the divine and the afterlife being a continuation always of the life experience. The believer has many advantages provided they are not awash in fear as a consequence of perceived sinful conduct that may warrant a day of reckoning and maybe being cast down to a grim fate. Many people fear death because of all the life conditioning that sets this up. People absorb the beliefs of others and thoughts of others, and emotions of others with all the gnashing of teeth and the agonizing over clinging to life and the tremendous grief most experience with passing of their loved ones. This is understandable that it develops within almost everyone as a deep fear of death and this is generalized to a fear of the unknown.

Even among believers, there are doubts and uncertainties, even not understanding the details and the potential pitfalls, it is simply like belief in the Almighty itself—while it is there within the belief system, it may not be a great comfort because there are doubts as well, so the major difficulty is the spectrum on the level of belief among people. Not all are sufficiently ready to be confident in their transition and to look forward eagerly, to reunions with loved ones and be reaching out actively, to the messengers from the light, who always come, but are not always seen.

When people are struggling at the end of their days with a long-term health problem or other debilitating condition, they may become disheartened, and this could be an important factor in dragging them down and increasing vulnerability to spirit predation and a rough passage if they undergo a heavy spirit attack when they first leave the body, and are left with nothing but direct awareness of the savagery reigning down on them. This is a lot for anyone to handle. Most people with spirit attachments onboard, even life-long, never feel or see them directly and are once removed, in effect, because the barrage of negativity is perceived in the deep subconscious that is disconnected from higher awareness. So while it adds stress to the existence, it is not immediately understood and perceived on a conscious level to which one could become adjusted or fight back and look for solutions to permanently take care of the issue. If everyone would have a Spirit Rescue with the Lightworker Healing Protocol at the time of their transition, this problem would disappear and a major source of difficulty for human, that contributes much negative karma, would be eradicated overnight. That is not yet being done so there will be many, many more victims.

The best one can do for a loved one is to gauge how they are doing first of all, and take active steps if there are discernable problems that could undermine their emotional state in particular. So you will most likely see the signs if there is despair, depression, anxiety, uncertainty of the future, and a worrying going on—these are clear signs of emotional disarray. But even in people who seem calm, cool, and collected, they may very well be masking inner fears so as not to upset their loved ones unduly. Some people are quite stoic but do suffer inside and will be vulnerable nonetheless, so one can never be sure, not to mention which, it is impossible for humans to predict how any one person might do.

Keep in mind there are dark forces intent on commandeering the emerging soul—to commandeer to use it as a source of energy and not lose this as a benefit to themselves. They will renew their attacks on a person, if already attached, in order to hang on and worsen things because the energy will be reduced without the need to support the physical body so they will become energy starved at the outset and will be in a frenzy to stir up the feelings of the emerging soul. This is one of those things that is inexplicable to many, that someone without a body, without normal senses because the sensory organs no longer exist, can nonetheless think and feel, but this is quite true. It is just that it is done in a different fashion—it is done through the intuitive awareness, but that has an emotional component as well and is more keenly felt following the transition from the physical because it is all that is left to the being in the absence of the normal sensory apparatus.

So the level of support is critical in giving reassurance, encouragement, and taking a gentle lighthearted touch. If people are solicitous and kind, but lighthearted and unconcerned about anything untoward in the offing, this will set a nice tone and not add to the person’s burdens. It is quite hard for many who are in fear, and suffering from all of the consequences of their end-stage depletion, to be further burdened by grieving family already anticipating the end coming and projecting their fears and regrets and negativity onto the true victim who is actually about to experience death. So, much is accomplished by being kind and gentle, but as cheerful as possible in reassuring that things will continue on and they will be very, very pleased at this because it will just get better. Even though they may not believe it themselves, they will be reassured nonetheless because it diverts their attention, at least for a time, and they may end up clinging to this faint hope, as they may view it, if they are not strong believers in an afterlife.

The idea of being loving to the loved ones is the very best kind of emotional experience to share. If this is not done in a morbid, exaggerated way clearly meant to compensate for the terrible things to come, but rather a drawing close, a renewing of the bonds, and a genuine desire to share some time with the person who is about to pass, will do wonders to raise their spirits and give them inner encouragement and feelings of safety and security. After all, what everyone seeks in life is to be loved. If that only happens at the deathbed, it is still welcome and appropriate and the best medicine because it will go a long way to counter depression and fear and help the person prepare emotionally for what is to come, and be in the best possible shape to make their transition. It is a loving universe, and a loving Creator, and a loving collection of light beings who know the person and who the person knows, that will be awaiting their passing with great anticipation and joy knowing the person will be much better off than languishing in a declining body, in a difficult world of the physical. So sharing love puts them in the right mood and the right kind of emotional state where they will be more open to the loving outreach from the light that always greets the departing spirit, and will greatly increase the chance of a smooth transition.