DWQA QuestionsCategory: Problems in SocietyThe love of truth, the capacity to have a truly open mind that weighs information dispassionately and without filters, seems like a lonely commitment. As much as the love of truth gets lip service, the reality appears to be that the individual is fighting appearances and pressures to conform every step of the way. What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

All too often embracing the truth, if it can be truly seen accurately, may require holding within, a divine perspective and to be in divine alignment in the doing, being in some cases an imperative for it to even happen. In most cases, people cannot see the truth because they live their lives seeing things through a kind of filter, a distortion of thinking and perception from inner false beliefs about the meaning of things and the implications, and about themselves and their place in the world, and on and on about the various aspects of their day-to-day lives. In a sense, people see an aspect of truth but may see somewhat differing aspects about the same matter at hand because they are looking from different perspectives, different agendas, different experience bases, and differing degrees of personal involvement, and whether they have a vested interest in the meaning of what is taking place, and the direction things are heading, and how it might influence them personally.

This creates all kinds of inner bias in how one sees the world, interprets what happens, and formulates an action plan if a response is needed or appropriate. It is very much the case that a group of individuals witnessing the same occurrence will view the truth about what they see somewhat differently, and Creator will have yet again a different truth, in our perspective being much broader and able to see the larger picture, always. So in a sense, the valuing of truth is an exercise in divinity, and the process of enlightenment a return to truth in a more absolute sense than before, through gaining knowledge and wisdom to have a broader perspective and a deeper understanding of all the factors involved, or at least more of the factors involved, so one can temper one’s personal motives and agenda with an appreciation of the broader meaning and impact on others and adopt a more balanced view. And that is quite characteristic of divine wisdom, that it includes all in the discussion and considers the needs of all, even in the smallest details, as is necessary to have the ultimate fairness in any and all decisions affecting deployment of one’s energy, because that will determine the outcome and consequences perhaps for many, many others in addition to the self.

There is wisdom in thinking about things from the perspective of asking, “What is Creator’s truth?” about each particular dilemma, if only as an exercise to help broaden personal awareness and be a good reminder there is more than the self involved always, in everything that is seen and experienced by an individual. There are many interdependent lives and souls in action always in everything that takes place and, as we have said a number of times before, your thoughts and actions affect, at least in some small way, the entirety of the universe—that is both an example of a higher truth but also the implications of the existence of higher truth—there are many considerations deserving to be addressed and given their due in all of your thoughts, feelings, and actions during the course of your life.